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Bio-K+ is Heading to Hollywood for the Oscars!

On February 24th – 25th, Stars and Celebrities will be pampered with an array of earth-friendly health and beauty products including the probiotic brand to watch, Bio-K+.

Prior to the Oscars, Bio-K+ will be offering its probiotics to celebrities, VIPs and the media at the Alive Expo Green Pavilion, and its representatives will be talking about how probiotics help boost the immune system and keep it in “peak performance.”

A-listers just might appreciate some support to keep their immune system in top shape with their frenzied lifestyles and long days on location. Bio-K+ representatives will also help clear up some of the confusion about probiotics by explaining how to choose effective ones, why they’re good for you, and what you need to check on labels to ensure their efficacy.

Back in December, I shared how our family tried Bio-K+ products and also how I have my own history with Bio-K+ since I firmly believe it had a role in us finally getting pregnant for the first time! <— No, it’s not a fertility booster, but it helped my body get healthy and since 70% of your immune system health starts in your intestines, this makes absolute perfect sense to me on how it made a difference in my life back then.

So, I happen to think Bio-K+ is a winner and deserves it’s own health-Oscar!  Hmmm….maybe Best New Product and Best Performance by a Probiotic! 😉

What makes Bio-K+ Probiotics “Winners”?  Here are answers from Bio-K+ to 3 questions that can help you figure it out.

1. What makes a Probiotic Effective?

As you know, probiotics are living microorganisms and must remain so to be effective, so quality control is critical. You also need to choose probiotics with recognizable strains, and verify if the brand has clinical trials to prove its effectiveness. You also need to make sure that the clinical trials have been conducted on the finished product as it is sold in stores and not just on the individual strains in the particular probiotic formulation. Finally, make sure that the bacteria count is guaranteed at the expiry date of the product and not just at the production date.

2. Why is the enteric coating so important on the capsules?

Bacteria are proven to survive gastric acid and the bile salts of the stomach when the capsules have an enteric coating. If not enteric coated, the capsule and bacteria are destroyed in the stomach by the gastric acid and bile salts and they cannot be effective in the intestine.

3. Why is it important to verify the strains used in a probiotic?

The effect and efficacy of probiotics can vary depending on the bacterial strains they contain. Experts agree that the properties and performance of a probiotic product are specific to the strain of bacteria. Not all probiotic strains are alike. For example, in Bio-K+, the strains are L. acidophilus CL1285 and L. Casei LBC80R and this combination has been proven to be effective in published clinical trials available on the Bio-K+ website and Pubmed.

2 of my readers are going to win a bottle of Bio-K+ Capsules ($22.98 each).  To enter to win, just leave me a comment here telling me why you’d like to try this product.

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