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New Lysol No-Touch Kitchen System

I’ve made no secret, and no apologies, on this blog that I’m a self professed germophobe.  Cold and flu season makes me a little crazy and being in someone else’s kitchen while they cook can sometimes be stressful for me.  “Don’t you dare turn on the tap after touching that raw chicken…oh no you just did!”

Of course, I’m not germ-free nor is my house.  I do my best to keep germs at bay but can’t do it all.  I have some great helpful allies though, including my Touch 2o kitchen tap which helps keep bacteria and germs from spreading when I’m cooking (I can turn the tap on with the back of my hand or elbow.)

Now, with the addition of a new product from Lysol to my kitchen, I have another defense in my germ and bacteria battle – plus it makes kitchen clean up easier with just one product to use for several different functions.

The same amount of product dispenses each time, and what you do with it is up to you.  For washing dishes, I run a dish or cup under the sensor, then add it to the water to create suds.  For surface cleaning, a simple swipe of your cleaning cloth under the sensor has you set and washing hands is a breeze!  I love that I can cut up chicken and then wash my hands without having them touch anything at all.  Perfect!

Look for the new Lysol No -Touch Kitchen System in stores near you.


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  • My mom has a no-touch soap dispenser in her bathroom at her house (she is an INTENSE germaphobe, I am a bit of one!) and I love it! I am jealous of your touch kitchen tap – I’ve always thought those were cool!

  • I hate germs as well and am a fanatic about washing hands since I became ill and catch everything including adult chicken pox, we need about 6 of these!

  • Although it would drive you insane if you thought of all the germs lurking everywhere, I agree with being in someones kitchen. I even have a hard time eating someones home baking. Who knows if they washed their hands. Ick! I am jealous of your no touch.

  • My niece got one for her mum.Her mum has now past away.She won it for her mum awhile back when she was quite sick,she is a very thoughtful daughter and was trying to help her stay as healthy as possible.If I got one that would help me to think of my sister each time I use it.God rest her soul.