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Pocoyo SquiggleTraks

Designed to inspire learning through laughter, the Pocoyo SwiggleTraks Feature Set empowers young children to create a track play set that is uniquely their own. The SwiggleTraks system features colorful, flexible track pieces that are simple to connect and easy to add onto, and comes with a motorized, musical Pocoyo vehicle, as well as a moving bridge that puts the exciting “swiggle” movement in SwiggleTraks.

“The Pocoyo SwiggleTraks Feature Set gives the enduring appeal of classic track and vehicle play a state-of-the-art twist with innovative, flexible pieces that add an entirely new dimension for kids,” said Tor Sirset, vice president of marketing for Bandai America Incorporated. “This is the toy of the season that’s going to charm everyone from the curious preschooler, to the savvy parent, to the nostalgic grandparent.”

“The Pocoyo SwiggleTraks system is a meaningful brand extension for Zinkia, complementing the current toys available by offering kids endless creative opportunities to engage with the characters and the stories they tell,” said Maria Doolan, managing director, brand and business development for Zinkia Entertainment. “Through the show, DVDs from NCircle Entertainment and licensed products like Bandai’s toy line, we’ve seen the Pocoyo phenomenon grow significantly to reach millions of preschoolers and parents worldwide.”

In addition to offering delightful, dynamic action, the SwiggleTraks system offers meaningful playtime for preschoolers and parents. Said Kendy Gioia, early childhood development expert and director of the Bandai Preschool Lab, “The SwiggleTraks system not only offers toddlers the chance to engage in independent, self-directed play, but also encourages fine motor skill and cognitive development, like the use of hand-eye coordination and finger dexterity to connect the flexible pieces and control the moving track. These activities are beneficial in preparing preschoolers for the more refined skills needed in school.”

In our household, all 3 children were interested in the SquiggleTraks, including our 7 year old, so I liked that everyone could play with the same toy.

Check out a YouTube video of the Pocoya SquiggleTraks here!

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