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My Pantry Needs an Intervention

Ask many women what one thing they would like to have in their dream kitchen and chances are a corner pantry would come up within the top 3 responses each time.  When we moved into our house, I was thrilled at the amount of food storage I had when I saw our corner pantry.  It’s definitely a bonus to have but like any storage spot, it can quickly become overrun and a huge mess.

My pantry holds everything from sippy cups and formula, to freeze dried food and kitchen appliances with cereal and crackers dispersed throughout.  I thought I had a system but the case is clear. My pantry is in need of a serious intervention, especially now before the holidays when baking begins and I’ve realized I own several bags of sugar because I keep buying new ones (having thought we didn’t have any but discovering later it was just hidden!)

So, I’m asking you – how do you keep your pantry (corner or not) organized.  Do certain shelves have a specific purpose?  Do you use Rubbermaid or Tupperware containers to save space?  Are you a real keenr and have a labelling system in place?

At this point, my pantry could double as a bomb shelter with enough emergency food supply to last us well into the next year.  Although, right now, it looks like a bomb went off in there.  I need some help!


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  • My Pantry is alright… not horribly unorganized, not labeled :p I definitely don’t have any freeze dried food though!

  • After moving into new house few years ago I realized that the more space I have, the more cluttered it is. And I was always proud of how organized my house was… not any more. I think the most difficult thing is not to organize, but, once organized, to keep it that way. Therefore, I started to use the small bits of time I have in between my kitchen tasks(e.g. while waiting for the water to boil) to put in order a couple of things on the shelves. So far it works very well.
    Good luck to find your solution!

  • My pantry is surely prepared for the next ice age. It is stupidly overcrowded. My husband goes shopping and will by the stuff on sale, without checking if we have them at home and it is a big deal to put the most recent at the back. Because of this the older stuff ends up in the bottom and hidden forever. What a challenge!!!