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After a trip to a local department store today my 3 year old was eager to tell her big brother about all the Halloween decorations she saw. The Halloween season (if you can call it that) is upon us and parents and kids alike are in search of the ideal costume.

If you’re going to go for one of the classics, you simply can’t get a knock-off costume.  Leave it to me to be that person to try something like that and get one of the major details wrong and look like a dork(us)., for example, is a site that has officially licensed costumes in both adult and kids sizes so you know that all the details are going to be right.

If the costumes above make you go “aweeeee!” you need to check out the site in it’s entirety!  Bookmark it for the Star Wars fan in your life (we all know at least one, if not several!)  Of course, there are adult costumes as well, I just happen to think the childrens Star Wars costumes are much more fun!  The best part, ships to over 200 countries and you won’t have to take out any Yeti loans to do it!

You still have plenty of time to order for Halloween – and throughout the year as well.  Something tells me Star Wars fans don’t save their costumes for one day of the year, anyway. 😉


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