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Beaba Babycook

I think many new moms at some point look down at the jar of baby food in their hands and wonder if she’s doing her baby a disservice with jarred baby food.  It’s certainly easy to start questioning ourselves when other moms at the mommy-group meetings are sharing their homemade baby food stories.  I was that mom at the mommy-group when my son was an infant.  I suppose I could just add it to the list of things that made me insecure as a new mom!  I attempted making home made baby food a few times but eventually gave up.  I didn’t have the right tools, storage items, or info to get started.  Besides, I was ok with jarred baby food (and I still am) though I’d of course like to be able to make it myself…if it was easy to do.

So, when I was asked if I’d like to check out the Beaba Babycook, in the new Gipsy color, I was definitely interested.  We had to wait until Everleigh was ready for solids and now at 6.5 months she is a solid-food champ, trying out a variety of new (jarred!) foods.  It was time to attempt to make home made baby food again and my husband and I unpacked the Beaba Babycook and set to work.

It turns out using the Beaba Babycook is really easy.  The Babycook can function as a blender, steamer, warmer and defroster!  I like that we can steam foods before pureeing them all in one appliance and then use the water from the steaming process to add back into the food (which adds nutrients back!)  The enclosed book gives you a few basic recipes and states how much water to add when blending but I think that’s getting too detailed – just add water as you go to get your desired consistency.  In other words, don’t over-analyze and make the process difficult.  Use foods  you already have at home anyway during the week and you can give yourself a pat on the back for making home made baby food – even if it’s not 100% of baby’s meals.

The last time we used our Beaba Babycook we pureed some mangos – it wasn’t the initial plan but my husband cut some up for the older kids so we decided to blend some mangos with water to see if Everleigh would like it (the answer: not so much).

Next, we decided to blend up some pears since we had a bag on the counter that were starting to get soft.  We added a dash of cinnamon for flavor and a boost of healthy features.  Did you know cinnamon is rich in antioxidants and also contains iron, fiber and calcium?  I don’t add a lot, but it sure makes the pears puree taste delicious and Everleigh enthusiastically ate it!

We also received Beaba Multi-portions making freezing and storage super easy.  Of course, you can also use ice cube trays to store but I found it much easier to use a product like this with a lid – everything is done at once (no need to pop the frozen food creations out of an ice cube tray to store in a zip loc bag in the freezer like I did years ago).

We both really liked how easy the Beaba Babycook is to use.  Yes, I am fully aware that you don’t need a cute little gadget like this to make home made baby food and if you don’t have one there’s ways to make baby food at home using the kitchen tools you already have.

However, if you’re like me and need the process to be made as easy and streamlined as possible to do it, then this is the way to go.  I’m eager to try out more purees to freeze with food we already have at home.  I won’t be rushing out to start a freezer full of food and swear off jarred baby food altogether, but if I have the (easily storable) Beaba Babycook handy anyway, why not puree up some fresh fruit or veggies for baby?

You can find the Beaba Babycook by using the Where to Buy link on the site, though I’m pretty sure I saw it at a popular baby store a few weeks ago near me!

1 of my readers is going to win a Beaba Babycook (ARV $150).  To enter to win, simply leave me a comment here telling me why you’d like to try it!

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