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A Day At Scentsy

I have been a huge fan of Scentsy for the past 2 years – ever since Scentsy became available here in Canada and I was asked to review a few Scentsy products before the holidays in 2009.  Until then, I had a bit of a candle problem.  I loved my candles but was concerned about the risk they posed, especially with children in the house.  I also had a perplexing issue of stains on my ceilings that were caused from the soot in the candles (gross, right?)  Scentsy was the perfect solution – I still got the wonderful scents in my household, the warm glow and beautiful pieces to display but without the fire risk.  I was head over heels for Scentsy.

So, earlier this summer when I was asked if I’d be interested in visiting the Scentsy head office in Boise, Idaho, in October to learn more about the company and even meet Heidi and Orville Thompson – the husband and wife team that took Scentsy and turned it into the huge success it is today – I was in!

Kami (No Biggie), yours truly, Kari (U Create), Shelley (How Does She), Shelley (The House of Smiths), Juliet (Juicy Stuff), Brooke (All Things Thrifty), Amy (The Idea Room) and Heather (Whipperberry). Cindy (Skip to My Lou) was cut out of the photo (totally something that would happen to me!)

It was a pleasure to meet the other 9 other bloggers chosen to attend this event as well.  Many times I am part of a mommy-blogger group that attends press events like this, and in this case that wasn’t the presiding focus of the blogs written by the women here (though most are moms as well).  The majority of the bloggers chosen to attend “A Day At Scentsy” (which actually turned into two days, technicalities!) were design and DIY bloggers so it was fascinating to be in the company of such creative women!

On our first night after meeting the other bloggers and Scentsy representatives, we went to dinner and then split into two groups to attend a Scentsy party at two consultant’s houses in the area (how gracious they were to open their homes to us!)  I recently had my own Scentsy party so it was nice for me to be able to relax and check out some of my favorite scents once again, already familiar with this season’catalog (if you’re in Canada and looking for a consultant to order from, I happen to know a Canadian Scentsy Consultant).  I couldn’t resist placing an order though – I got my older two kids each a Scentsy Buddy for Christmas!

At the head office, we learned about how Scentsy grew from very humble beginnings – merchandising out of a shipping container and distributing their first catalog (shown above) as an actual photo album!  The warmers seen here are showcased at the head office – the very first ones Scentsy distributed.

Heidi and Orville Thompson, who came to the offices that day just to say hello to us, were probably the most down to earth company owners I’ve had the pleasure of  meeting.  Relaxed and approachable in jeans and with their daughter in tow, the couple were happy to share a little bit about themselves and thier philospohy with us.  Scentsy’s motto is “Generosity, Simplicity & Authenticity” and it helps guide the company in all decision making.

My favorite part of our visit was the Fragrance Training 101 session with Scentsy’s fragrance guru David Weymouth.  Using fragrance oils (essential, absolute and synthetic), Scentsy fragrance experts create their delicious scents that fans of Scentsy are passionate about (just ask anyone who waits for Bring Back My Bar!)

Have you ever heard or read a description of a perfume or other fragrance product and the terms “top notes, mid notes, etc.” used and wonder what it all meant?  I did!  I finally learned what each description means and it makes total sense.

To sum it up in terms of Scentsy bars – the top notes are the scents you smell upon opening the scent sample or bar – it’s what escapes first and is your initial idea of the scent itself.  The mid-notes are what you will notice once the bar starts warming at home.  If you’re at a party and are curious about what the bar will smell like in your warmer – take your finger and rub the sample scent a little – the warmth will help the mid-notes come out (cool, huh?)  Finally, dry or bottom-notes are the scents you will notice once the Scentsy bar has been in your warmer for some time – after all the wax is melted and the scent is making your house smell delicious.  Now you know!

We also had the opportunity to check out the latest product from Scentsy – Scentsy Solid Perfume.  It’s available in 5 scents currently: Enchanted Mist, Love Story, Simply Irresistible, My Wish and Satin Sheets.  We were able to choose one to take home with us – I picked Love Story.  It’s current home?  In my diaper bag!  Hey, it’s with me all the time and now I spell pretty when on the go!

My experience at A Day At Scentsy was fabulous.  I went to the event loving Scentsy already and wondering what I could take away from this and boarded my plane from Idaho with a better understanding of the company, the employees, the vision and a love of Scentsy even greater than I had before.  My personal Facebook status that day was sharing my love for Scentsy!

If you’ve never been to a Scentsy party – say yes the next time an invite comes your way.  If you don’t know anyone near you that sells Scentsy and you want to check it out, a great way to find a consultant is to use the Find A Consultant link on the Scentsy website (make sure you’re on the correct country-site first).

Finally, if you’ve been looking for a way to make money from home and share a safe alternative to candles with your friends, consider signing up as a Scentsy consultant – every single one I’ve talked to in person or online has had rave reviews about this company, and if I didn’t already know why before I certainly do after meeting the wonderful people who work in Boise, Idaho at the Scentsy head office.


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