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Meet The Characters of The Lion King 3D

The Lion King 3D hits theaters on September 16th – and two weeks after that, your family will be able to bring home THE LION KING: Diamond Edition on DVD, Blu-ray 3D & Blu-ray Hi-Def October 4th.

For many of us parents, seeing The Lion King again will bring us back to our favorite characters and remind us why we love them so much.  For our children, seeing The Lion King for the first time will introduce them to the strength of Mufasa, the courage of Simba and of course the comedy of Timon and Pumbaa.

I think Timon and Pumbaa steal the show every time I see it, and the 3D experience in Los Angeles was no exception!  The day before bloggers attended The Lion King 3D Movie Premiere, we were treated to an engaging discussion with Supervising Animator for Pumbaa Tony Bancroft & Supervising Animator for Young Simba Mark Henn.

Aside from the animator’s remarkable artistic talent, they had a wonderful rapport gained through working together over the years and it was a pleasure to speak with them because of this.

It was great to hear how both animators followed their passion for bringing characters to life, received the education they needed to further their careers, and how they brought young Simba and Pumbaa to life.

My favorites are Timon and Pumba – which character bios like these, who wouldn’t love them?

Film Debut: The Lion King
Past Roles: The Lion King 1 1/2, The Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride
Breed: Meerkat
BFF: Pumbaa
Friends: Simba
Foes: Large predators…like lions
Distinguishing Characteristics: His big mouth
Occupation: Kicking back
Fave Food: Tasty, tasty bugs and grubs
Fave Song: Hakuna Matata

Film Debut: The Lion King
Past Roles: The Lion King 1 1/2, The Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride
Breed: Warthog
BFF: Timon
Friends: Simba
Occupation: Lolling
Fave Food: Yummy, juicy, delicious bugs!
Fave Song: Hakuna Matata
Likes: Taking it easy
Dislikes: Hyenas

Which character from The Lion King is your favorite?


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