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phil&teds traveller

Thanks to my husband’s parental leave here in Canada (5 months off with the family which is coming to an end soon), we have been out and about a lot more than usual this summer.  With an infant in tow this year, we’ve had to adjust our travels to accommodate more ‘stuff’ and also re-think some of our plans.  Even going out to the beach for the afternoon is no easy task with all the extra items we have to take.  So, when I find an item that can make our lives easier and is easy to store and transport, I’m all over it.

The traveller by phil&teds looks like a little baby tent and I guess in a way it is.  It’s more than a tent, however, and definitely more functional.  When folded and in it’s handy carrier, the traveller is small enough to fit in the basket of a stroller or the overhead bin on an airplane.  When fully assembled, the traveller gives you 130x63x79cm (51x21x31 in) of room for an infant or toddler to sleep or play.

When I first looked at the traveller, I thought it looked like a regular playpen with a zip-open side and wondered what the appeal was.  Oh, how quickly I learned just from reading on the phil&teds site how useful this product could be for a family.  It comes with a self-expanding mattress making it comfortable for little ones to lay on, and the aluminum frame makes for a quick set up and sturdy design.  The top and side both open, making it useful as a playpen, or in our case as a shelter from the sun and bugs while out at the beach.

Here’s Everleigh sacked out in the phil&teds traveller at the lake!  We also received the slim shadee UV sun mesh (clever, right?!) to cover the top of the traveller and keep her cool and UV safe.  Once she is asleep, I can easily zip up the mesh side if I want to ensure that no mosquitoes or other bugs get in.

We can also use the traveller indoors as a playpen sleep area as well, and plan to take it with us on a trip to Calgary later this month for that purpose.  Taking up as much room as a rolled up blanket or beach towel (unlike our bulky playpen), this will be no problem to take in our vehicle on the road.

The phil&teds traveller can be purchased directly on the company site for $179US or $199.99 CDN, with warranty info available here and shipping info here!  You can even pay for your purchase with PayPal.


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