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What Happened to Eleven Collection Shoes?

Does anyone know what happened to Eleven Collection shoes?  I’ve worked with the company many times in the past and just had an Eleven Collection giveaway end earlier this month.  The website has been down for over a week (maybe longer?) and I can’t find them on Facebook anymore.  Twitter is still up but has not been updated since June 26th.

Did they disappear?

** Update July 20th: The customer service team at Eleven shared an update on the See Kai Run (sister company)  Facebook page.  =(


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  • Did they really go away?….that would be too bad because their shoes were awesome, and they were an awesome company overall. I hope their site is just temporarily down, although, it is kind of strange that their fb page is also gone.

  • I’m not sure but maybe it has to do with See Kai Run, I think Eleven’s “parent company” or some other way related….they are starting to produce a line called Kai which will be size 8 toddler and up to maybe 1 or so? So maybe its taking the place of Eleven…. haha its late hope this makes a little sense….;)

    • oops maybe not taking the place of Eleven just maybe has had an effect on Eleven…..but it could definitely be that their site is down for maintenance/updating the new upcoming line…hopefully. My kids love Elevens too! They’re so cute and comfy!

  • OOh sorry for yet another comment…I’m just hoping Eleven shoes will still be available as they’re so awesome….I looked at their old fb page, they posted a sale…
    Eleven Collection
    Eleven is moving!

    We are cleaning out the warehouse and need you help. We’re offering a discount of 60% off your total order. Just enter this code at checkout time:


    Tell your friends and share the code! Please note that all sales made using this code are final. We recommend that you size up if you’re at all unsure on sizing.

    Happy shopping,

    Your friends at Eleven
    See More
    June 27 at 4:59pm · Like · Comment

    Doesn’t say why the huge 60% off sale last month, only that all sales final….hmmm.. I’m sad I missed this huge huge sale!!!

  • last comment I promise 😉

    Sounds like they’re moving…. next fb entry
    Eleven Collection
    We’re counting down the days (and the shoes) til our move. Thanks for all the fantastic help! Our move will be a breeze if you all keep up the pace!!
    Sizes are going fast, so jump in soon!
    60% off all shoes, boots, sandals. Use this code, and pass it on:

    • No apologies needed Shawna – I love comments and feedback!

      I have a winner waiting for her prize – I’d be super excited too to win Eleven Collection shoes, and then to wonder if I missed out because they disappeared would be so sad (and probably my luck too, ha!)

      Hoping to hear something from them too!

  • They’re still on FB, so I don’t know. They probably temporarily closed their site down during the move so there wasn’t any more orders coming in.
    It does seem that they’ve deleted all FB wall stuff though since 2009… hmm

    • Can you link me to their FB page? Everytime I try and link to it, it bounces me back to the FB home page, like it doesn’t exist.

  • My granddaughter won’t hardly take her Eleven shoes off! I gave them to her a while back and she loves them. I would hate to see them ever go away. 🙂

  • Did you see the letter up on the SKR facebook page? Tacky if you ask me, they are the parent company but acting like its just another shoe company and are hoping people don’t put two and two together. I think they shut it down to make the Kai line bigger 🙁

    • I saw the update and yeah with the See Kai line going into larger sizes it seems like Eleven just got absorbed into See Kai Run to me too.

  • Hi everyone,

    Just to help clarify, Eleven was a completely separate company from See Kai Run. They were considered “sister” companies but had different owners and designers. Eleven actually went out of business before See Kai Run came out with their new line for larger sizes. Hope this helps!