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Care Bears Flower Power DVD Giveaway

Released June 7th, Care Bears Flower Power is an 8 episode DVD featuring the Care Bears sharing messages with a theme of “Believing in Yourself”.

Nevaeh loves the Care Bears, a trait that makes me smile because, as a child, I was a big Care Bears fan in the 80’s and as an adult I managed to gain a large collection of original 80’s Care Bears.  While the new Care Bears don’t look entirely the same as the ones I adored as a child, the messages are the same.  Care Bears focus on teaching children positive messages about sharing, believing in yourself, and being a good person.

Episodes on the DVD:

* Flower Power: Share’s garden is blooming beautifully with Dilly Daisies, made especially beautiful by Bumpity and Tweazle’s special rain. They become a Care-a-lot fashion fad and all the bears learn that it isn’t what you wear, but who you are that counts!

* Luck ‘O the Oopsy: Oopsy wants to participate in the Care-a-lot Grand Prix, but he seems to be plagued with bad luck. Will a chat with Good Luck Bear and a four-leaf clover help him see where real luck comes from?

* Heatwave: Grizzle is at it again, using a giant “Magnifrier” to heat up Care-a-lot! Will Share get over her fear of the Thunderwhales and get them to save Care-a-lot with some cooling rain?

* Erased: Grizzle’s eraser ray doesn’t quite work, but it did turn the Care Bears’ badges upside down and changed the way they act! Not quite themselves, they learn about being supportive, considerate, and honest, but not before over-doing it in some funny ways!

* The Bubbles: Funshine is sick with “The Bubbles,” an illness that makes Care Bears start to float away. But he won’t take care of himself, so now he’s hiccupping bubbles and has to stay in bed. Resting is no fun- what could a little extra play hurt?

* Harmony Unplugged: When Love-a-Lot suggests that Harmony perform a concert for Care-a-lot, Harmony’s inner diva comes out. Will she get her ego under control, or drive away all her friends before the big show?

* Belly Blanked: Funshine’s feeling lost after losing his belly badge until Grizzle comes to destroy Care-a-Lot– with Funshine’s badge glued to his tummy! Using his smarts, Funshine proves that it’s not the badge that makes the bear.

* Good Knight Bedtime: Grizzle has taken over Dreamland! Will timid Bedtime Bear (the one bear with power over dreams and sleep) find his bravery to stop Grizzle and save the night?

2 of my readers are each going to win a Care Bears Flower Power DVD!  To enter, just leave me a comment here telling me who your or your child’s favorite Care Bear is.

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This giveaway will end on June 26th at 9PM CT . Giveaway is open to Canadian and US addresses.


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