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Hauck Malibu Stroller

There’s no doubt about it, good quality strollers – strollers with all the popular bells and whistles – are expensive.  The most popular strollers on the market today are the kind that allow you to interchange different accessories, in a sense getting the most bang for your buck because you will only  need one stroller for baby as she grows.  The thing is, those accessories can add up and at the end of the day, parents need to ask themselves which accessories are worth it when the price tag starts to climb.  In other words, there’s no point buying a stroller with 20 separate accessories to purchase if you can’t afford them.

When I came across a website featuring the Hauck Malibu stroller system that includes not only the stroller but a Car Seat Adapter, Bassinet and Bassinet Stand as well yet still was around the same price as a basic stroller – I needed to learn more!

What an awesome price for such a versatile stroller.  All the features of the Hauck Malibu are available on the website – one first sight things that I noticed included the vibrant, modern color used in the 100% polyester fabric (we picked plum), the large shopping basket underneath, and the generous size of the bassinet.

Many parents don’t purchase a bassinet – either because they don’t think they will use it or because they simply don’t have money in their budget for one.  When you consider that a bassinet is only used for (about) the first 3 months of life, I can see why people opt not to have one.  In our household, a bassinet is really useful.  We keep ours in the living room for daytime naps.  I’m really impressed that the Hauck Malibu comes with a bassinet stand for the bassinet that is used on the stroller itself.  What a perfect way for parents to go for walks with a baby and get the benefits of a bassinet at home.

We have used the Hauck Malibu stroller with the bassinet for a few weeks now while going out for walks in our neighborhood.  This is the first time I’ve used a bassinet in a stroller with a newborn – with my older children I always used the car seat in the stroller in the early months.  I like that the baby has room to kick and relax in the bassinet (some babies hate their car seat and don’t like being restrained) though I admit I like the coziness of the car seat for babies (I ensure Everleigh is snuggled warmly in a blanket).  I do find that she is “jiggled” a bit more laying in the bassinet as opposed to a car seat when out walking (which is why I prefer to walk in the street and not the sidewalk because of all the bumps on the sidewalk cracks), though this isn’t necessarily a bad thing (think of how babies love to fall asleep, bounced and jiggled!)

As she grows, we will switch the Bassinet for the basic stroller seat and continue to enjoy this stroller.  After having basic neutral colors for the strollers my older kids used, I really liked having such a vibrant plum color!  Other colors the Hauck Malibu Stroller comes in include turquoise (in the top photo), and charcoal.  The video below is a great showcase of everything that makes the Hauck Malibu a smart purchase!

Interested in finding a retailer near you that sells this frugal yet fabulous (c’mon now, you knew I had to say it, it’s true!) stroller?  Check out the Where to Buy Hauck Malibu link on the site for a retailer near you.

1 of my Canadian readers is going to win a Hauck Malibu Stroller, complete with all the awesome accessories shown!  To enter, check out the link above on where to buy Hauck Malibu strollers and tell me where you can find one near you.

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