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Proactiv Blog Tour ~ 30 Days Later

Last month I told you how I was among a group of Canadian bloggers participating in the Proactiv 30 Day Challenge – except, instead of me doing the challenge I opted to have my husband do it.  Since I`m pregnant I`m a little paranoid about what I use on my skin, so thankfully Mom Central was happy to oblige and let the hubby try out the product in our household instead (after all, men use Proactiv too!)

Of course, having a man use a 3-step system for his facial care is asking a lot (when soap will do the trick in the shower most days), but thanks to a pestering wife, he did pretty well with the 30 Day Challenge.  To be perfectly honest, no he did not use the product faithfully every single day but he used it more than he would have, left to do it on his own (who said nagging was a bad thing?)

I am jealous I wasn’t able to do the challenge but knowing him and his attention to facial care I’m pretty sure there will be lots left for me in a few months to try.  In the meantime, yes he admits his skin is smoother and (imagine this!) he hasn’t had any breakouts.  I wish men would pay more attention to skin care!


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