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Sprig Toys Soarin’ Sea Plane

Sprig Toys confidently says they make the world a better place and they get kids off the couch – which makes them pretty cool I think.  How do they do this?  First, Sprig Toys are all made from Sprigwood which is a child-safe bio-composite of recycled wood and reclaimed plastic that has visible wood flecks, giving the toys a fresh wood-shop scent (mmm, love that!)

Check out the Sprig Toys Soarin’ Sea Plane for land and water fun.  This set includes a floating sea plane, Pilot Pete and his pelican sidekick.  Perfect for bathtub, toy room, or outdoor play, Sprig Toys go everywhere and with no annoying lights and sirens, children’s imaginations power them.

Find Spring Toys in Canada, distributed by Stortz & Associates, at stores listed here!


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