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Surviving the Holidays in Style: Old Navy’s Top 10 Holiday Picks

The holidays are a frantic time for everyone! We spend more than we should on gifts, dining out, parties and more. Of course, it’s important to look fabulous during the holidays as well but with all the other expenses how do we do that? Simple, shopping at Old Navy and checking out the Top 10 Holiday Picks.

I don’t want to give away all the picks (that’s what the video is for!) but I found a few items I definitely would like to add to my wardrobe this holiday season.  Yes Old Navy has a maternity section now, but there are many pieces that I can still incorporate into my wardrobe from their regular line as well, including these Festive Embellished Tanks ($14.50!)

Add to it a pair of Embellished Ballet Flats ($24.50) and a cute pair of pants or skirt and you’re all set!

Check out the video above from Caroline Johnson, Senior Director for Old Navy Canada Merchandising for more Holiday Picks!


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