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I’ve been a Norex “believer” for about 6 years now -coincidentally as long as I’ve had kids.  Once I had a little one in the house, suddenly the idea of strong cleaning chemicals in the air wasn’t so great yet the messes seemed to increase!  I love my Microfiber Enviro Cloths for cleaning but more than that, I love love love my Norex Hair Turban!

Nothing else I’ve tried works like it.  With an elastic all around to help it stay on your head and keep hair off your face, this hair turban also has a button on one end and elastic on the other to help secure it to your head.  The highly absorbent microfiber dries your hair faster than a regular towel, making it much easier to get ready in the morning.  I usually wear this hair turban for about a half hour after my shower and then when it’s time to blow dry my hair, it’s already on its way to being dry.  It cuts down on the time I need to blow-dry (I accidentally typed fry and then laughed the irony there) my hair.

Your Norwex Hair Turban is antibacterial and will last for years if you treat it well (i.e. don’t use fabric softener when washing it because it will impede the absorbency).  I love that these towels won’t get that yucky wet-towel smell on them either, due to their antibacterial properties.

The Norwex Hair Turban is available for purchase for $25.50 (with a two year warranty) from Norwex directly (contact information here), or your best bet is to find a local consultant and purchase it from them (they will be  happy to hear from you!)  Don’t know a local consultant?  Try asking friends on Facebook or use Google, both are a great resource for finding consultants in your area.


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