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DRIA Cover

The DRIA (Discreet Reliable Infant Accessory) Cover is an item that can be used through pregnancy and beyond – an all in one item that has more than one use.  What exactly is it?  Well, it’s part-poncho, part-nursing cover, part-stroller cover and more.

When I read about it, I really liked this idea.  You can either use it for all it’s intended uses to get the most value (look at you frugal mama!) or just purchase it for one intended use and look oh-so-fashionable doing it.

The DRIA Cover is a great gift for expecting moms.  With prices ranging from $49.95 to $179.95 (depending on the fabric), there’s the perfect DRIA Cover for every mommy.  Use discount code FEISTY15 to save 15% off your purchase at check out!

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