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All-New Mickey Mote ~ Available 11/16/10!

Walt Disney  Home Studios Entertainment has a special treat for preschoolers this holiday season!  Released November 16th, the all-new Mickey-Mote is going to give preschoolers a whole new way to view their favorite Disney programs.  In the past, parents may  have viewed some of their children’s favorite Disney titles in the mode that enables the kids to play along.  However, adult remote controls are difficult for some adults to manage sometimes (myself included) which makes it even more difficult for a preschooler to use.  Thankfully, Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment was on the case and they have come up with a solution – the Mickey Mote enables children to interact with their favorite Disney characters while watching special Disney-enhanced DVDs.

How It Works:

The Mickey Mote works with any Disney Preschool DVD that includes Discovery Mode™, the interactive “Watch & Play” feature on the DVD!  All parents have to do is program the remote control – there’s an easy and quick set-up guide in each DVD- and select the Discovery Mode feature on the menu screen.  Within minutes, kids will be easily responding to questions, throughout the story, about scenes they just watched (such as “What color is Goofy’s hat?”) by pressing one of four color-coded buttons on the device — a yellow star, green circle, orange triangle or blue square – to click in their responses.  Discovery Mode features include two levels of play, which provides more challenging questions as the child grows.

We received the Mickey Mote along with 2 Discovery Mode enhanced DVDs – Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Numbers Roundup and Handy Manny: Big Construction Job.  Set up was pretty easy.  Here’s a mommy tip – when popping in the DVD for the first time, bypass Fast Play and go stright to the Main Menu.  In the Main Menu, go to Bonus Features and you will then see the Mickey Mote instructions option.  Easy peasy!

Once the Mickey Mote was ready to go, Nevaeh and I watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Numbers Roundup and I helped her along when her turn came to answer a question.  There are two levels of play (the Discovery Mode is for children 2-5 so there’s a large learning curve there) and we started with Level 1 which is perfect for her right now. Using the Mickey Mote, Nevaeh was able to answer questions from Mickey and really feel like a part of the fun. If she selected the wrong answer, the narrator simply said, “Oh, so close, try again!”

Best for children ages 2-5, the Mickey-Mote is going to be a hit this holiday season!  Look for it in stores November 16th and also look for these Discovery Mode enhanced DVDs that are compatible with the remote:

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Road Rally
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey’s Adventures in Wonderland
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey’s Choo Choo
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Minnie’s Bow-Tique
Handy Manny: Manny’s Motorcycle Adventure
Handy Manny: Manny’s Big Race
Little Einsteins: Fire Truck Blast Off
My Friends Tigger & Pooh: Super Duper Super Sleuths
My Friends Tigger & Pooh: Bedtime With Pooh


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