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Constructive Playthings White Train Table & Magnetic Wood Train Set

I’m such a lucky mommy – as part of the 12 member group of mom bloggers at Constructive Playthings, the Constructive Moms get to test a variety of products throughout the year.  This holiday season, we’re bringing our readers reviews of some of the most popular big ticket items at Constructive Playthings (i.e. What Santa gets all the credit for!)

My kids were sent an awesome White Train Table and Magnetic Wood Train Set from Constructive Playthings to review this holiday season and they were so excited the day we put it all together!

Truth be told, we already had a train table but the problem was that it was too small, and couldn’t even fit the entire train track that we had on it.  And so, the old train table is actually being used as a Lego table instead, and my daughter was just lining up the train tracks she had on the floor.  It didn’t make much sense since we had a train table but it just didn’t work for that purpose.

Our new train table from Constructive Playthings measures 48″ L. x 32″ W. x 16″ h making it much bigger than the one we had.  When I saw it in the box I knew right away that the kids would have a blast with such a large playing surface.  I wanted to note here how well everything was packaged – this box shipped to me all the way in Canada with not a single item out of place or damaged – it was packed so securely!  It’s great to know when doing your holiday shopping that this company takes so much care in shipping their items.

Set up was so easy – there’s literally 5 pieces to the table that attach with screws (but don’t get me wrong, I still made my husband do it!)

Once the table was set up, it was time to open the Magnetic Wood Train Set from Constructive Playthings and set everything up!  The set has 100 pieces including everything you need for setting up the perfect scene – tracks and trains of course, but also animals (the trains have little slots in the top to fit them, which is really cool), people, trees and more.

We created a little train scene and filled up the entire table, yet still didn’t use all the items in the Magnetic Wood Train Set!

The kids are having so much fun with these two products from Constructive Playthings, and I have to say I’m happy that for once mommy is getting the credit for this and not Santa (thanks so much to Constructive Playthings for making this mom feel like a million bucks, being able to give this to my kids!)

The White Train Table is available at Constructive Playthings for $134.99 and the Magnetic Wood Train Set is available for $64.99.  Remember also, that I have a discount button on my site (right over there ——>) that will automatically get you 15% off at check-out if you click on it to access the Constructive Playthings site (cool, right?)  Constructive Playthings is full of ideas for great gifts for the holidays!