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New from LEGO comes LEGO Games, the first collection of games that you can literally build first, then play, then change!  I first read about the new LEGO Games in my son’s LEGO magazine when he pointed them out to me.  His eyes were wide with the idea that you could actually build your own game.  Some of the games (Magikus and Robo Champ) actually start at 6 in the age range which is perfect for our household.

We were sent Ramses Pyramid which states an age range of 8-12 on the box so I was worried that at 6, Elijah wouldn’t understand the concept of the game.  I decided to first just let him help in building the game since that looked like a really fun project on it’s own.  So, one eveningg, that became the mission for father and son in our household.

It turns out that yes, the instructions and game-play are too complicated for Elijah at 6 years old, but he’s happy to play with Ramses Pyramid on it’s own, especially because of all the cool LEGO figures (mommies!) that come with it.  So, if you are considering this as a gift, ensure that the recipient is at least  8 years old as stated on the box.


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