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Keurig Mini + Brew Over Ice KCups

One day, a blogger quite unexpectedly opened her door to receive a delivery of a Keurig B31 Mini Brewer + Brew Over Ice KCups.  There are worse things that can happen to a blogger, of course!  In contacting the rep I discovered the brewers were not supposed to be sent out at all (whoopsie) but a handful of bloggers received them along with the Brew Over Ice K Cups which were, indeed, supposed to be sent.

I owe my thanks to whatever intern was working that day, or maybe just a regular staffer who was having a moment, because I was able to keep the brewer for myself (hooray!)  The thing is, I’ve been so  busy using it I actually forgot to post about it (see, we all have our moments).

I already had a Keurig full size brewer but was happy about the option of downsizing and saving on some counter space.  The Keurig Mini is suitable for vacation cottages, dorm rooms, offices and any other small space where a full size brewer is obtrusive.

The Platinum Home Brewing System that I already had retails for around $169.95, and the Keurig Mini Personal Brewer retails for around $99.95, so based on price alone if you don’t have a large household this is the way to go.

I thought that I wouldn’t like the Keurig Mini over the Platinum because the Keurig Mini can only make up to a 10oz cup size and I typically use the largest (12oz) setting on my Platinum brewer.  In the end, it’s not a big deal.  I do find a lot of the Keurig K Cups strong, but if a 10oz cup is too strong I just add some  hot water.

The Brew Over Ice K Cups were a nice treat this past summer – I was on an iced coffee kick (my husband didn’t understand it) and loved it!  It certainly beat going out for an Iced Capp or Iced Coffee from Timmie’s every day.  Now that I’m pregnant, I don’t drink caffeinated beverages so I’m “off” coffee for the most part and our Keurig has been packed away until spring.  However, when I was looking at the Keurig website today I discovered that they have a good selection of decaf K Cups as well, and some of them are my favorite flavors too.  So who knows, maybe once the snow falls we’ll unpack the Keurig Mini Brewer again and cozy up by the Christmas tree.


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