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SHOX Scooter by Shred Sled

Shred Sled Shox ScooterWhen I was given the opportunity to review a SHOX Scooter by Shred Sled through Team Mom (I love Team Mom!) I was really excited for Elijah.  This is a kid who can ride a two-wheeler but prefers to jump, run, and roll more.  I wanted to get him a Scooter this summer but it was one of those things that was always put on the back-burner.  So, when this opportunity came up I knew that a good quality scooter from Shred Sled was perfect.

A shock absorbing spring allows you to propel yourself farther and faster than ever before. catching air and doing tricks.

Additional advantages: locking adjustment system, lightweight, durable foldable aluminium body, flexible fiber spring providing enhanced thrills and allowing smoother riding.

Made for ages 5 and up, now little guys and girls can learn how to ride a scooter safely first, and then try out cool tricks as they get more comfortable riding the SHOX Scooter.

Elijah is 6 and he jumped on the SHOX Scooter and headed down the driveway (ack!!) right away.

After a day or two, he showed me how he can go up and down the sidewalk curbs, his balancing skills, and of course how the back brake works.  As a mom, the brake is my favorite part! 😛

Once he gets a little older and more skilled on the SHOX Scooter, he will be able to fully utilize the shock-absorbing spring on the deck to perform faster and higher tricks (yikes!)

The Shred Sled website has a great list of where you can buy Shred Sled and SHOX Scooter products (online and in store).  The SHOX Scooter retails for $59.99 on the Shred Sled website.  You can find Shred Sled on Facebook here and Twitter here!

Thanks to Team Mom for providing us with the SHOX Scooter for review!


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