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Frecklebox Gift Certificate Giveaway

We love Frecklebox!  Of course, they have products perfect for back to school but they also have products that are useful all year round.  Frecklebox makes kids feel special because the products are made just for them, with their name brightly there for all the world to see.  I never had a personalized item as a kid, so I can definitely appreciate how cool this is for kids with unique names.

This Dinosaur Lunch  Box is perfect for Elijah to store all his craft-supplies at home.  It easily fits markers, crayons, scissors and more and the clasp ensures that everything is safe inside.  Plus, it looks mighty ferocious don’t you think?

Frecklebox NotebooksI finally picked an item for myself from Frecklebox for review and am so impressed!  The Personalized Notebooks are perfect for making anyone feel special.  Use it for school work, journal writing, or in my case keeping track of Feisty Frugal & Fabulous website “stuff”!  The laminated front and back covers make this a sturdy, professional looking notebook.  Luv!

When I saw the Castle & Pony Personalized Growth Chart at Frecklebox, I knew I had to have it for Nevaeh!  It is so cute and she, of course, is all over it.  Don’t tell, but we use it to chart Elijah too.  😉

Other great items from Frecklebox that we’ve reviewed in the past and recommend are the School Folders, Personalized Puzzles, and for kids just learning their letters the Personalized Site Words Pads are great!

Frecklebox is packed full of items for kids for both school and home, and I can think of several other items I’d love to have as well from this family-friendly company (their customer service is great!)