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Argh Matey! Swimsuit Shopping Sucks.

I need a new swimsuit.  Desperately.  The one I currently wear is only a year old but has been bleached by chlorine in the water and looks pretty bad as a result.  I went out this morning, before lunch so I’d have a somewhat flatter tummy, to see if one of the local stores would have something.  I think my first mistake was going into a sporting goods store because they carry brands like Hurley, Roxy and more that, you know, those young kids wear.

You see, though the swimsuits are 2 pieces, someone in their wisdom thinks selling them in the same size for both pieces is a good idea.  For me?  Not so much.  I was laughing to myself and shaking my head in the change room when trying on a size medium two piece.  While the bottoms fit nicely, the top?  Well, the top made me look like a pirate with eye patches on my boobs instead of actual coverage.  ARGH MATEY!

Hopefully tomorrow, in a bigger city, I can find a top and bottom that fit like they should.  I’m a size 8, and can’t see how women bigger than me can find a bathing suit with decent coverage without looking like aunt Wilma in a floral skirted mess.  Where is the happy medium between skinny-girl-just-wait-til-you-have-kids-hunny bikinis and granny’s-swimwear?

Canadian women specifically, where do you shop for your swimwear?

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