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Customer Service Can Make or Break a Sale

I know this has been said a thousand times before, but is customer service seriously going into the crapper? Every so often I’ll run into a string of bad customer service experiences, one after the other, that makes me question what is happening in sales and general business out there. I know everyone has a bad day, and a poor employee can really reflect badly on a company or store, but when the sum of all the experiences adds up to a bad shopping day, it makes one wonder.

This past weekend my husband and I, with our two kids in tow, went furniture shopping. We were looking for a dresser for the kid’s room, a corner tv stand, and end tables. I don’t want to type out the long story (with boring details about what they said and then what I said, lol) but to sum it up, I spent money, I got ticked off, and asked for my money back at the end. The end, which was 1.5 hours after we walked into the store. Wasted time but thankfully not wasted money! I know my purchase didn’t break the store that day, and they are a big box store and will carry on regardless but I couldn’t spend our family’s money on a business with such poor service. I’m so much more willing to spend money at a business that appreciates it and I know I’m not the only one.

I think as important as it is to report and share bad shopping experiences, it’s even more important to let others know about stores and employees who are examples of excellent customer service! Those are the businesses I’ll come back to again and again.

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