An Easy Way to Get Free Puretracks Downloads

I don’t have any music downloading programs on my computer. Gone are the days when I was daring enough to open up my computer to virus attacks, the small sacrifice I thought I made for the privilege of having ‘free’ music. Now I download the legit way though sites like Puretracks. People ask me how much it costs and really, I don’t know what it would cost to download every song I want because I get all of mine free. Of course I do!

There is always some contest out there giving away free music downloads as a prize. A lot of these are contests where you can enter daily so everyday you can win a pack of 5 downloads when it’s a really good contest.

Currently there’s one contest running that you can enter daily until you win. The lowest prize is 5 music downloads from Puretracks (the big prize is a laptop I believe). I won on my first try and I’m thinking others probably will too. Unfortunately this is a one-prize only contest for downloads but that’s ok, I’ll find you more places to win downloads from later!

Copy/paste the pin when you win into an email to yourself, so you have it handy when you’re ready to order your free music.


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