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By Lisa Dutton

Since the sunshine arrived my 4 year old son has been BEGGING me to set up a lemonade stand. So this past weekend I put in the effort and we did it up right. Table, sign, fresh juice, ice, straws…. and all the wind! Not to sound like a poor sport, but it was a little more effort than I really wanted to give on a lazy Sunday afternoon. My little guy was a darling though. He was all about the friendly service. Seeing his smile and the twinkle in is eye when he got that quarter was well worth it. He’s into the “transaction” of it all and showed true entrepreneurial spirit, I tell ya!

So needless to say, the Leap Frog Scoop & Learn Ice Cream Cart has proved to be the perfect addition to his toy repertoire. This colourful little cart took zero effort to assemble and came with batteries that had him instantly captivated by all the bells and whistles. I love this cart because it has a ton of features without being complicated. My son happily served up our whole family with zero help from the boss!

The Scoop & Learn Ice Cream Cart includes over 20 ingredients all with their own place in the cart, making for easy clean up and storage. The variety of flavours and toppings had my Johnny scooping up and stacking impressive treats all while building his own counting, sequencing and motor skills.

The set comes with a “magical” scooper that snaps up the ice ice cream (magnetically) and talks back to your child as it recognizes the different colours and flavours. Kids can choose to follow 6 double sided ‘order cards’. The vocal feature gently encourages kids to follow the instructions. It also plays cheerful songs!

While the Leap Frog ‘Scoop & Learn Ice Cream Cart comes with a variety of tangible features, it also brings out good ol’ fashioned role play. Johnny named his biz, took and rang through orders, thanked his customers, and got creative with his own “specialty” cones. The best part, mom has zero guilt indulging in plastic ice cream!

Look for the Leap Frog Scoop & Learn Ice Cream Cart at stores like Toys R Us ($49.99), and Walmart ($49.97).

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