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NERF Nemesis MXVII – 10K

By Lisa Dutton

I am the mom of two boys. Raising boys comes with many perks, and then there’s the other stuff; blowing out the knees of brand new jeans, mouth breathing, pee on the seat – stuff of that nature. To date though, there is only one thing about boy-momming that has really thrown me – the boys toys isle. I wander, I pick something up, I whisper to myself “I don’t get it?”, and put it back. I find Christmas shopping for my sons difficult!

NERF is a classic. The tried, tested and true concept of the good ol’ NERF blaster is sure to target a smile Christmas morning. I always say – if you remember your brother having one growing up – it’s probably a great toy.

But let me tell you NERF has evolved! Check out the newest addition to the NERF RIVAL collection: the NEMESIS MXVII – 10K

The NEMESIS is NERF’S biggest addition to the RIVAL collection, and here are just a few of the fancy terms used to describe it:
– high capacity
– hopper feed
– fully motorized
– precision battling
– ultimate accuracy

The NEMESIS fires over 100ft per second! This “hopper style blaster” means you aren’t always reloading. Simply fill the big chamber on the top of the blaster and blast away! It is a large toy (ages 14+) but fairly simple to operate. If your kids are fans of paintball they will especially like the NEMESIS, as it operates similar to a paint ball gun!

Now take it easy, this one only fires foam balls. And I get it, if you don’t agree with your boys battling each other, search up NERF target ideas on Pinterest!

The NEMESIS MXVII – 10K comes in red and blue and retails for $119.97 at Toys R Us. (Oh, and it also requires 6 D batteries, Santa.)

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