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The Apex Warhawk Drone

Tweens and teens are notoriously hard to buy for. I have a thirteen-year-old and if it’s not an XBox One gift card or cash, I’m stumped on what would make him smile on Christmas morning (OK, he’s thirteen so food works too on Christmas morning, but it’s not a gift to open.)

Showcase stores (and have a great selection of items for everyone in the family, including tweens and teens. Stuck for an idea like me? Here’s an amazing one.


Take your cinema skills to all new heights! Complete with an adjustable wide angle camera and auto hover function, this drone can deliver some of the most epic aerial footage you can create. Transmitting directly to your phone via WiFi connection, you’ll experience first person view of all your footage through the mobile app in real time! Capture incredible footage (photo or video) that materializes every precious memory you create, from thrilling landscapes to get away destinations and more. It’s a bird’s eye view in the palm of your hand!

With a multitude of other features, the Warhawk is Apex Aviation’s top of the line aerial device. The all new GPS follow me mode allows Warhawk to automatically follow your transmitter at a set altitude if you need your hands free. Perfect of you’re filming on a hike or need to climb some uneven terrain.

If your drone happens to get out of flight range or is losing power, your transmitter will flash lights and vibrate to warn you. A simply press of the auto-return key will bring the drone back to your transmitter. With a flight distance of 200 meters and a battery that lasts over 20 minutes on a full change, we doubt you’ll be having this problem.

Designed for aerial hobbyists or even high-level cinematographers, the Apex Warhawk is ready to fly and a cinch to learn right out of the box. So what are you waiting for? Experience the world and store some memories in a whole new way today!

Hmmm, it sounds like this goes beyond a tween and teen gift idea and might be something amazing for a brother or sister, or perhaps even your dad to master in his spare time this spring! Look for this item in stores now, but get it while it’s hot – Showcase stores always have the hottest and trending items and they do sell fast!


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