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Five Fun and Festive Appliances for Gift Giving

I love hosting get-togethers (true story, I just typed house parties and then realized I’m forty, not fourteen, and backspaced). Having a group of friends over, whatever the reason we create, always ensures a great afternoon or evening and it gives us a chance to catch up, eat good food, and sip good wine. It’s always fun making something different and I like pulling out fun kitchen appliances to show off to my friends.

London Drugs always has a great selection of fun novelty kitchen appliances, and for Christmas they not only make hosting more fun, they’re also great gift ideas as well. Here are five that I picked:

Salton S’Mores Maker (Reg $59.99, on sale $39.99)
I already own this item and think it’s a fun way to bring the campfire to the deck in the summer and onto the kitchen island in the winter. Make your own s’mores without the campfire smoke! It does take a little longer (about 2m per marshmallow) but it’s worth the wait.

Nostalgia Slushie Machine (Reg $99.99, on sale $79.99)
I love the retro look of this machine, and you’ll love that making slushies isn’t only just for kids. Yup, I know you’re thinkig of all the slushie drinks you can share with friends like I am!

Sunbeam Donut Hole & Cake Pop Maker (Reg $29.99)
A Pinterest-worthy baker I am not, and that’s why this appeals to me! This product bakes seven delicious donut holes in under four minutes which makes it perfect for kids and parents. Fantastic idea for school treats, birthday parties, and family fun. It also includes sticks for your first batch of cake pops.

Salton Nostalgia Retro Hot Air Popper (Reg $39.99)
We eat air-popped popcorn at least twice a week, so having a fun retro looking popcorn maker like this one would be so fun. We keep ours in a drawer cabinet but if it looked as nice as this one I’d probably just keep it out!

Nostalgia Gummy Bear Maker (Reg $49.99, on sale $39.99)
While I’d like to think I’m buying this for the kids, this would totally be for me too. Create delicious fish, worm and small bear gummy candies with the Giant Gummy Candy Maker! Simply melt the gelatin mixture, fill the gummy candy molds, and when the gelatin candy is set, simply bend the molds to release the gummies. I think it would be interesting to research different gelatin mixtures and create your own flavours too!

Which one would you love for Santa to bring you this Christmas? Enter our giveaway below and you can pick it up yourself and gift to others too when you win our $100 London Drugs Gift Card giveaway!


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