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A Dog Without The Dog Duties

We have one very lovable, huggable, labradoodle dog in our household. And while she’s super soft and the nicest dog ever, she’s the size of a baby llama and doesn’t sit on your lap all that well. And so, my ten-year-old daughter has asked over and over for another dog, one that will stay small and that she can carry around. The answer is and will always be no. I know my limits!

This year, furREAL Chatty Charlie, the Barkin’ Beagle will be patiently waiting under the tree for her, and while it’s not a real dog of course, it will certainly be entertaining to watch her deal with Charley’s antics. This pup’s collar translates barks to phrases so you can understand him. With 80+ barks to phrases, he has a lot to talk about! And yes, he even farts and blames it on others in the room.

A note for parents ready to wrap furREAL Chatty Charlie, The Barkin’ Beagle. While it requires 4AA batteries, the ‘try-me’ function works right on the shelf, so he may be a little noisy to wrap or even keep under the tree for awhile. I play it safe and keep this guy well hidden until Christmas!

Cali the Labradoodle wants Charlie for Christmas too!

Look for FurREAL Chatty Charlie, The Barkin’ Beagle at ($84.99), Toys R Us ($69.99), Chapters Indigo ($69.95) and Walmart ($49.94).

Chatty Charlie, The Barkin’ Beagle is looking for a home and I bet you know someone who would love him! To enter to win, simply fill in your name and email address in the form below and click BEGIN! Then leave a comment below sharing who you’d love to win this for!


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