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Welcoming Elizabeth! Summer Infant Warming Waterfall Bath

Note from Tenille: I’m so thrilled to share with readers that our newest contributor Brittany has (finally!) given birth to Miss Elizabeth Caffet in August. This is baby Elizabeth’s first appearance on the blog, and we’re so lucky to have such a darling on our pages. Thank you, Brittany, for sharing her with our readers!


By Brittany Caffet

Elizabeth’s first bath in the hospital wasn’t a great experience. Sure, I was glad to be rid of all of the gunk in her beautiful hair, but watching my baby scream bloody murder while a nurse scrubbed her clean in a tub of lukewarm water isn’t exactly the picture perfect first bath I had always imagined. A few days after being sent home from the hospital I nervously asked my husband if we should try to give her a bath. He obliged and set up the Warming Waterfall Bath from Summer Infant. We apprehensively filled the tub with water and got down to business. I undressed the baby and lowered her into the tub, expecting her to start wailing at any second, and…

…SHE LOVED IT! No screaming, no tears, no broken heart for this new mama! The waterfall down her back as well as the oversized wash cloth on her chest kept her nice and warm, allowing all three of us to thoroughly enjoy her second bath experience. The rinse cup made it so easy to get her squeaky clean in a timely manner. The bolster provided a ton of additional head support, which definitely came in handy while trying to clean a slippery, squirming newborn! The whirring sound of the waterfall provided some amazing white noise (every new mother’s best friend!), keeping Elizabeth calm and relaxed. Clean up was just as easy as the actual bath! This tub has a drain hole on the bottom, which made emptying it a breeze! Just make sure you remember to close it before trying to refill the tub for the next bath – we unfortunately learned that the hard way! Oops!

We’ve given her a number of baths since the first one at home, but every single experience has been a pleasant one. One thing to take note of – this bath does require C batteries, so be sure to put them on your shopping list to avoid a mad dash to the store when you’re trying to bath your little one at home for the first time!

With the simple removal of the bolster we will be able to transition this bath from newborn friendly to toddler friendly – something that really appeals to this frugal mama! The Warming Waterfall Bath by Summer Infant will definitely be a well used item in our home in the months to come!

Look for the Summer Infant Warming Waterfall Bath at ($69.97), Walmart ($69.97) and Toys R Us ($69.99).

We have a Summer Infant Warming Waterfall Bath set aside for one of our lucky readers! Use it for a newborn in your life, or save it for an amazing baby shower gift for someone special. Simply fill in your name and email address in the form below and then leave a comment on this blog post for Brittany and Elizabeth – then you’re in to win! Lots of bonus entries are also available. Good luck everyone!




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