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Maplelea ~ A Girl’s BFF

Over the summer, as you’ve seen on the blog and Instagram, we’ve been having various adventures whether in Alberta or in our backyard. My two daughters are 3.5 years apart but spend nearly every waking hour together and it’s something I cherish because I know as they grow that time will diminish. My sister and I are 12 years apart and she’s my best friend too, but age does make a difference during your tween and teen years.

Right now, they’re currently obsessed with YouTube, their trampoline, and playing dolls. Curiously, I’ll stand at their bedroom door or listen in when they’re outside with their dolls and see what the story holds. Mostly, it’s school – we all played school as kids and some of us became teachers after – and sometimes it’s dance-class or general day-to-day life. At the park, I’ve even been assigned the role of “grandma” when the dolls sit with me on the bench (not sure I like that one.)


Their favorite doll, and the one they ask for at Christmas, is Canadian-made Maplelea. When viewing the website at, you can see and read about each of the 7 Canadian girls. My own girls study them, and then debate who should have which girl, in a dream-land where they actually have all 7 of them. In actuality, their collection is growing quickly!

This summer we were sent two new Maplelea Girl Dolls, Charlsea from Canada’s West Coast and Taryn from the Rockies. How cute is it that Taryn was sent a pair of glasses as well to match Nevaeh’s? She was *so* happy when she discovered this! And then, promptly switched her own glasses to the ones that better matched Taryn’s for the day. Psst: Right now you can get free glasses with a Maplelea purchase, using code NEWGLASSES in the discount code area at checkout!

Thrilled with their new Maplelea Girls Dolls, the surprises weren’t over just yet!

Check out the gorgeous Maplelea doll clothes we were sent as well: Flutter By Butterfly ($35) and Dare To Dream ($35).

And, with all the new clothes, adding to their collection, it was time for a Maplelea Doll Deluxe Wardrobe ($125). The girls carefully placed their items in the wardrobe, with the help of Charlsea and Taryn in their new dresses, of course. With a hanging rod, three large drawers, two large open shelves and journal shelf, they’ve thought of everything for your Maplelea Doll storage.

Other awesome accessories you can get for your Maplelea Girl Dolls include this Maplelea Doll Tote ($25) with enough room for 2 dolls and another zippered storage area for clothing. It works well for carrying the dolls to the park – you know, the place I’m left on the bench at and called Grandma.

Thankfully, I don’t have to babysit for long as the girls love taking their new Maplelea dolls on the park equipment with them. Isn’t that adorable? I just discovered the link for “Dress Alike” clothing for Maplelea dolls and their caretakers, so it looks like I have a new idea for Christmas gift-giving this year!

We’re giving readers the chance to win their own Maplelea Girls Doll! Maybe you’re already a fan and want to add to your family like we did, or maybe you’re brand new to Maplelea and this is a great way to get you started! Simply fill in your name and email address in the form below and then leave us a comment sharing which Maplelea Girls Doll you would choose if you won, and why! There’s lots of bonus entries too, including following Maplelea Girls on Instagram!


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