Girls Day Out!

Summer is flying by – as it always does – and I’m trying to take in every ounce of sunshine, early morning crisp grass in my toes, and lazy evening reading on the deck. We have beautiful summers, but they’re short, and I don’t want to mutter in November about how I should have done more with my daughters in August (I will, because that’s what I do.)

Every summer is a little bit different, as my three kids grow. This year, my 13-year-old son is more content in the basement than in the backyard, and it’s the last summer before my 6-year- old starts full day classes in grade 1 this fall. Sunrise, sunset, as the song goes.

To ensure I don’t depress myself too much with thoughts of my children going to college before I blink, I’ve been keeping us busy with different activities and little adventures this summer. While every day may hold something a little different, I planned an epic Girls Day Out one hot summer day, packed full of activities and stops, knowing that at the end of it we’d all sleep well for sure (me, the most exhausted!). We were so excited to scratch this item off of our bucket list of things to do this summer!

Our day started at the mall bright and early when they opened, avoiding the back-to-school shopping crowds while looking for our own great finds. A noticeable change through the years, now my girls (ages 9 and 6) prefer the jewelry stores and bath and body type stores, more than before. It’s a nice change, being able to shop for some of the same items, “everyone pick out a body wash!” and enjoying that bonding time over something so small.

After air-conditioned cardio, I wanted to head back into the sunshine. So, we stopped by McDonald’s to pick-up some lunch and headed to a park on the opposite end of Regina, one we rarely get to for that reason, and settled in for a leisurely afternoon, complete with lunch and play-time.

That’s yet another change this summer. Now, I can sit on a blanket with a book and read while my girls play together on their own. No need to hover near the monkey bars, no concern about a wipe-out while playing tag. Not only is my 6-year- old more
agile and independent; her big sister is always nearby to care for her and ensure she’s got everything under control. Small rewards, moms!

With our tummy’s full of McDonald’s French Fries and Chicken Nuggets (Barbecue AND Sweet & Sour to dip, both essential to me!) I surprised the girls with the next item on our list – pedicures!

Since there’s a McDonald’s right across the street from the nail salon, we hit the drive-thru for some Fountain Drinks to quench our thirst while we pampered our feet. Summer Drink Days is on right now, and Fountain Drinks are $1 (for any size!) until September 4th , so why not indulge? The girls spent some time picking out the perfect colour, which – if you have girls – you’ll know takes approximately 8 hours (it was probably more like 8 minutes, but felt like longer!)

These kid-friendly chairs at the nail salon are the cutest don’t you think? The best part, is that the moms get to sit directly across from the kids in her own chair, but far enough away to have a little bit of peace too.

We headed back home in the late afternoon, after our busy Girl’s Day, and the girls hopped into our backyard inflatable pool (easily my best purchase this summer!) and I retired to the deck to return to my book. Squeals and laughter were my soundtrack, as well as a lawnmower somewhere in the neighbourhood in the background. The true sounds of summer. These are the days that go by in a blink, and the moments you look back on years from now reminiscing about when things were easier…slower. I cherish these days and refuse to count them. Here’s to many more warm summer girl’s days, park dates and pedicured toes!

Please note: I was compensated by McDonald’s Canada for this post, but all views and opinions expressed here are my own.



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