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De-crease Your Stress for Back to School

Back to school – the weeks leading up to it and then essentially the whole first month – is full of activity and yes some stress. Everyone is getting ready and adjusted to a new routine, and many extra-curricular activities start up at the same time. It’s times like these that those awesome life hacks you see online come into use!

My sister found this hack online and uses it for all her boots – if you see pool noodles on clearance now at the end of the summer season, grab them and cut them into shorter stacks to use inside your boots to keep them standing tall and wrinkle free in the closet!

When it comes to your clothing, if you need a life-hack to shave some time off your busy schedule and still look your best on-the-go, I’ve got a super simple one for you that actually works! Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus reduces wrinkles, removes static, and eliminates odours on your favourite top, pants, or dress clothes quickly and easily.

Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus is ideal for all types of clothes, relaxing the fabric by coating fabric fibres with a thin silicone layer, which reduces wrinkles. This product will also improve the appearance of fabrics all over your home. It’s true! Try it on tablecloths, cloth napkins, sheets, curtains and more (curtains is a game-changer!)

Check out my test on a shirt that’s a cotton/spandex blend. Super light and flowy, it also wrinkles like crazy when I wash it, even if I pull it out of the dryer right away. Spray, tug, smooth and hang – that’s it! This is awesome for those mornings when you thought you had it all figured out (me, before TV when I pull out a dress and realize it’s wrinkled, guh!) and can save the day quickly!

This is also a good idea for parents to send along with their kids heading off to university/college this fall because we know they won’t be ironing anytime soon (I’d be curious on how many students actually own an iron, tbh).

Look for Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus ($5.99/500ml) at Loblaws stores or a convenient travel size bottle ($2.47/90ml) at Walmart.

Three of our readers are going to win a 500ml bottle of Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus to help with the busy back to school “season” (it really should qualify as it’s own, right?) To enter, simply fill in your name and email address below and then leave a comment on this post telling us what you’d use the product on (we all seem to have an item or ten in our closet that always wrinkles!)


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