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Protect Your Investment (Appliances Count Too!)

Disclosure: This is a partnered post with affresh®. However, all opinions and views on this post are 100% my own.

This month we’re celebrating 4 years in our home in Regina. Being an RCMP family, we have moved 3 times in my husband’s career so far, and have done renovations in each of our homes to some degree. Now that we’re more permanent in the Queen City, we’ve invested more into this house knowing that it’s a “home”.

This summer we completed a kitchen renovation (albeit waiting for a few touch-ups by the cupboard company) and it’s made a drastic difference! Yes, it’s one of those things that make us say, “We should have done this so much earlier!” Just take a look at the difference:

Before – dark, outdated, awkward island

The old kitchen was dark, outdated (the house is 11 years old, so not too outdated) and the island was an awkward shape making it difficult to have any seating or maneuver in the kitchen when more than one person was preparing food.

After – bright, modern, and functional

Now, our kitchen is so beautiful! Bright (I debated dark cupboards, but am so glad I went with white) and functional, the new island shape makes the kitchen so open and inviting. The seating at the island is perfect for my three kids and everything about it is perfection! Now, I just need to decide on a back splash this fall.

With the new kitchen came a “want” for a new dishwasher. The one we had before was OK, but the stainless steel was not-so-stainless and I couldn’t get the water stains off the front, which made me crazy in my bright new kitchen. And so, we purchased a new dishwasher (that and a new microwave makes all my appliances matchy-matchy).

I’m determined to protect my investment – white cupboards means watching for stains and wiping them up quickly, a gorgeous new quartz counter top means no cutting on it (maybe we could but it doesn’t mean we should!) and new appliances mean they too get wiped down immediately and taken care of inside as well. Did you know; only 27% of Canadians have cleaned inside their dishwashers in the last 12 months? Yikes! It’s crazy to me that people will spend hundreds of dollars on a new appliance but then not do some simple maintenance on them to ensure they are running optimally for years to come.

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