Get Ready Saskatoon! Save-On-Foods Is Coming!

The day is finally (almost!) upon you, Saskatoon! For over a year now, you’ve watched Regina celebrate, and yes, brag about, the British Columbia based Save-On-Foods store in their city. While many times we comment on how Saskatchewan really feels like just one big city, it’s no fun when one city has something amazing while the other one waits!

Save-On- Foods coming to Saskatoon is a welcome addition to this vibrant community and as someone who has lived in the shopping area of Saskatoon for 8-years, I can appreciate how much of an impact this store will have to the entire community within the city of Saskatoon and beyond.

If you’ve never been inside a Save-On-Foods, you’re in for a treat Saskatoon! Here’s a quick summary of why Save-On- Foods is going to change your shopping experience in Saskatoon:

The Always Lowest Guaranteed promise! Save-On-Foods price checks the competition’s prices on 850+ items to make sure they’re the lowest. If, by chance, you find a lower price advertised elsewhere, they’ll even give it to you FREE! No need to shop at multiple stores to get the best prices; Save-On- Foods has you covered. You can find more info on this promise, and the products included on the Save-On- Foods website here!

The Save-On-Foods More Rewards loyalty program! More Rewards, offers shoppers a multitude of products and experiences you can redeem your points for – including travel! You’ll be able to sign up in store on your first visit, or you can save a step and
your shopping time and sign up here ahead of time! There are lots of ways to earn points, including coupons found in the Save-On-Foods App or in their weekly flyer, or at partners like Petro Canada.

Introducing the Save-On- Foods Kitchen! This is one of my favorite areas at Save-On-Foods because I’m a busy mom and some days I just don’t have my ducks in a row.

The Save-On-Foods Kitchen features freshly prepared hot and ready foods (chicken wings, anyone?) along with other delicious dinner favorites like salads, calzones,marinated chicken kabobs, steaks, breakfast sausages and so much more. Make a bee-line for this area when you visit and have fun trying out all the distinctive and savory flavours waiting!

There’s so much happening on Save-On-Foods big grand opening weekend, and here are all the details you need to know:

The Save-On-Foods Grand Opening is Saturday July 15 th at 7am. This is when the store’s official opening is celebrated in Saskatoon. The first 500 customers on grand opening day get a free Nanaimo Bar (how Western Canadian is that?) During the grand opening event, customers will also be able to take advantage of their very first experience with Darrell’s Deals! This is a weekly deal from Save-On-Foods owner Darrell himself and I hear that Darrell’s kicking off the Saskatoon opening weekend with a special deal made for the BBQ!

When shopping during the grand opening event and for 14 days total in Saskatoon, customers also have the opportunity to WIN their entire grocery purchase FREE! I’ve witnessed this happen twice to shoppers and it’s a pretty awesome thing to see – can you imagine if that person was you?

As if that wasn’t enough to get you in the car, Saskatoon, there’s something pretty special happening on Friday, July 14 th at Save-On-Foods Saskatoon.

Marilyn Monroe wore her iconic dress at John F. Kennedy’s 45 th birthday celebration at Madison Square Garden where she breathlessly sang “Happy Birthday, Mr.President.” Originally designed by Jean Louis and sketched by a young Bob Mackie, the dress features over 2,500 crystals and 6,000 hand-sewn rhinestones.

The iconic dress will only be on display that day from 9am – 8pm, so if you can’t make it out to the grand opening event Saturday, this may be a pretty awesome way to say hello to Save-On- Foods and get a photo of the dress. There’s a contest you can enter too!





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  • I’m very excited for the Save on Foods Saskatoon opening! I’ll be there with camera in hand eager to get my picture with the iconic Marilyn Monroe dress. 😃🌟

  • Sounds like a great grocery store! I wish we had one in Ontario. I love that they have an Always Lowest Guaranteed promise. You’ll always know you are getting the best price.

  • I really enjoyed shopping at Save-On Foods when I lived in B.C.. I would love it if the stores would open across Canada.

  • Ok say what?! If you find a lower price you get that item free?! We need a Save-on-Foods in Montreal asap! Plus a loyalty program is amazing!

  • I wished we had more of a selection in my town, we have one store that is it, and it’s a very expensive store at that

  • Hi This sounds like a great store. I heard a long time ago one was suppose to open in Moose Jaw but was delayed I havent heard anything since.

  • Hope its soon, been looking at the being built now since you posted last yr about the regina one …who knew it would take so long to build eh? Hopefully they have better parking then most grocery stores in that area. Will be nice never having to drive into the actual city in the winter time as saskatoon is quite well known for not removing snow (anyone else recall the lady going into the river because of how badly they removed snow from the bridges..)

  • I love Save-On-Foods!!! When I lived in Edmonton it was my go to store. I loved their bakery!!! I moved to Medicine Hat and I heard rumors we might be getting one as well. I hope so!!!

  • I would love to be there and to see the Marilyn Monroe dress but I live in Ontario and its out of the question for me.

  • We got our first Save-On-Foods in Winnipeg in the past year. I love shopping there! They have great basic items as well as many things other stores don’t have.

  • There is going to be a Save-On Foods opening very soon right near my house & I’m pretty excited as I’ve never experienced shopping there before! I’ve heard they have really great prices to save us some money! That is so cool about the Marilyn Monroe dress being on display at your grand opening! Would make a neat photo for sure 🙂

  • Save ON just opened here in the past year – I really love the store! Unfortunately, the 3 locations are not close to my home so I don’t do a weekly shop there but always stop in if I am in another area of the city as the selection is awesome!

  • What a cool and unique display to have at the grand opening! I wish I was closer so I could have checked it out. Save On Foods is always tops when it comes to customer service.

  • I wish they would open one HERE in Chicagoland!

    I am old enough to (just barely / very vaguely!) remember when Marilyn Monroe gave that performance of her tragically short life ~ and while I must say her DRESS was not the most memorable detail of the moment ~ would love to see it. It seems like many many lifetimes ago.