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It’s Time To Unsquare Caramel

Caramel has been square for way too long, and only M&M’S® can change that. It’s time to unsquare Caramel!

Summer is here and it’s time to chill out a bit, be a little more laid back and UNSQUARE yourself just like new M&M’S® Caramel.

Our family received a delightfully fun summer package filled with items for Summer 2017 along with new M&M’S® Caramel. My daughters promptly claimed an entire bag for themselves in the backyard! I opened a bag while working at the kitchen table and OHMYLANTA are they ever good! Like, dangerously good. So good that you’re going to hide them from your husband good.

All-new M&M’S® Caramel have a delicious soft centre and chewy texture, perfectly paired with milk chocolate and a delicious candy shell.

Caramel is the perfect addition to the M&M’s lineup you already know and love, joining flavors like Milk Chocolate, Peanut, Peanut Butter and Crispy.

Look for new M&M’S® Caramel on shelves now, and unsquare yourself this summer too!

I’ve got a deliciously fun M&M’S® Caramel prize package (valued at $80) containing of course M&M’S® Caramel products, along with a M&M’S® Caramel tote bag, M&M’S® character beach towel and M&M’S® candy dispenser!

To enter to win, fill in your name and email address in the form below and click BEGIN! Then leave a comment below telling me how you’re going to try and chill out more this summer, be a little bit more laid back – in other words, how are YOU going to unsquare yourself?


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