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Cross Classic Fun With Something New

By Lisa Dutton

Kids loves blocks, the traditional toy never goes out of style.  But how about a new style OF block?!

Little Tikes Waffle Blocks cross classic fun with something new.  Kids can build on their creative side with the Little Tikes Farm or Castle sets.  Follow the directions to create the scene on the box, or go crazy!

These sets are a win-win at just $26.99 each.  Waffle Blocks are easy to use, just stack, lock and build.  This is a toy your kids will be able to play with independently.

They encourage imaginative play and build fine motor skills.  The blocks are ideal for children 2 and up, and are guaranteed to stick around the toy room for years to come.

Little Tikes is a trusted toy brand, always offering quality and safety to your family.  Both the Waffle Blocks Farm and Castle include over 80 pieces and figures, a storage bag, and can be mixed & matched with other Waffle Blocks Playsets!


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