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Calling All Baby Bums: Review Opportunity!

This weekend I loved seeing all the sweet photos of dads and babies on social media – whether it was a friend sharing her husband’s first father’s day this year, or a throwback photo from over a decade ago or more. It doesn’t take much to take me back to when all three of my children were babies. The sleepless nights are so quickly forgotten even though at the time of course it feels they’d never end.

Pampers understands how important sleep is for your baby’s development. Research shows babies’ skin can sense wetness, acting as little “alarm clocks” that can potentially wake them from a peaceful sleep. I used to joke that my babies had a little alarm clock on their bottoms, little did I know that it could have been their wet diapers and my joke wasn’t very far from the truth!

There may be many things that will disturb your child’s sleep, but thanks to Pampers innovation, your diaper will not be one of them. Pampers is proud to share that Baby Dry diapers will now have the same Extra Absorb Channels that exist on Swaddlers and Cruisers. So now Pampers Baby Dry is thinner and drier* for superior overnight protection and comfort. This also makes Pampers the first brand to offer this innovation on our entire line of diapers.

New Look, Same Protection: Pampers Baby Dry diapers are now enhanced with Extra Absorb Channels yet it is the same diaper you have come to trust to give you and your baby up to 12 hours of overnight protection.

A Thicker Diaper Is Not A Better Diaper: Pampers Baby Dry is thinner, which allows for a more comfortable fit while Pampers exclusive thick-to-thin technology distributes wetness evenly and locks it away so babies are even drier than before. Unlike ordinary diapers with two layers, Pampers has three absorbent layers to stay up to 3x drier, pulling liquid away, so babies can sleep soundly all night.

They’ve Researched This: Pampers diapers undergo extensive testing with pediatricians, dermatologists and moms to ensure products meet and exceed the needs of their most important customers – babies.

Stretchy Sides: All around stretchy sides for a comfortable fit

Wetness Indicator: Lets you know when your baby might need a change

Soft like cotton: A soft touch to give your baby all-around comfort

Parents need products they can depend on for their babies. The day-to-day challenges of being a new (or third-time!) parent are hard enough without having to deal with a product that doesn’t perform up to our standards. So, when we find a brand that works and doesn’t let us down, we share with our mom friends. After all, we’re all in this together, baby!

I have a unique review opportunity for my readers today! Because these new thinner and dryer Pampers Baby Dry Diapers may not have been in your hands just yet, and your mom friends may not know about it, I’m giving 20 readers the opportunity to test a package of Pampers Baby Dry Diapers in size 5 or 6 (on shelves now, other sizes will be available later this summer).

This is how the Pampers Rate + Review will work:

  1. If you or someone you know would be interested in testing these diapers and filling out a very simple form with your thoughts, please use the Giveaway Tools form below to enter. I realize with 20 packages of diapers up for grabs they will go fast so instead of first come first served, I’ll draw for the reviewers. Following me on other social channels is a great way to get some bonus entries in and increase your chances!
  2. Once the 20 reviewers are chosen I’ll email them for address info and then list them in this post.
  3. Pampers Baby Dry will be mailed later this week and in your hands ASAP to text hopefully over next weekend.
  4. Reviewers will then fill in a form with their thoughts and for your insight you will then be entered to win 1 of 2 $50 Visa Gift Cards to help with those baby expenses. I’ll share select reviews in a follow up post along with the gift card winner.
  5. This call for reviewers will only be live for 24 hours, so please share with anyone you know who may be interested.



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