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Glam Up Your Easter Table


The most charming expression of the finest Lindt Chocolate, the iconic Gold Bunny was created by Lindt’s Maitres Chocolatiers in 1952 to capture the joy of Easter. Today, the Gold Bunny is a recognized symbol of Easter around the world, and a playful part of Easter traditions from arts and crafts to baking to table decor and gifting (just look to Pinterest if you have any doubt!)


This year, I wanted to incorporate the Lindt Gold Bunny in an Easter table with a little more glam for grown-ups and children alike. Because Easter is such a symbol of Spring, it’s no surprise that the majority of decor items are in pastels. I wanted to go outside the box and decorate with gold and red touches and – of course – the Gold Bunny was the perfect star of our table setting.



Touches of gold (yellow) and red were simple to incorporate with a spring themed table runner, red napkins, gold candles and flowers. Then, adding the Lindt Gold Bunny to each table setting was the perfect invitation to sit down and join together in conversation and a great meal.


The centerpiece was a delicious strawberry shortcake topped with Lindt Chocolate Bunnies as well, making the dessert the star of the day!

Our own family has always celebrated Easter in our own household, because of the nature of my husband’s work and the inability to get together with extended family far away. Still, we have some great memories at our various detachments including our first Easter at our second RCMP post a week after we had moved into our new home, and a children’s Easter egg hunt one year when we didn’t have any snow (fingers crossed for this year!) The Easter bunny doesn’t bring toys for our kids (that’s Santa’s gig) but he does bring us chocolate, and chocolate is happiness!

The Gold Bunny is available in a variety of sizes including mini (used on the cake), 50g, 100g, 200g and even a 1kg size which retails for $83.99! You can even personalize your Gold Bunny with a name or message printed on the red ribbon at select Lindt Stores across Canada.


Looking for more fun and creative ideas? Visit Celebrate Easter With Lindt for a bunny’s den full of ideas for kids and adults alike! You can also download a fun Lindt Storybook App, “The Bell That Rang In Easter” which is a true story about how the Gold Bunny’s creation came to be. The app tells the story of a magical friendship between a small bunny named Theo and a very special little girl, Emma. Visit to download the free app from iTunes and Google Play!


lindt giveaway

One of my readers is going to win a Lindt Chocolate Bunny Prize Package which includes a giant 1kg Gold Bunny and more surprises, with a total prize value of $100!


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  • The Lindt Bunnies have always been a favourite in our house since I was a kid. We love hiding the little eggs around the house for when the kids wake up.

  • We colour eggs, we have an Easter Egg Hunt, make my grandmother’s Hot Cross Buns and we always have a big dinner!

  • Our Easter Traditions start with attending Mass Holy Thursday, then the Good Friday Service, the Easter Vigil on Saturday and Easter Sunday Mass. If daughter and son-in-law are home with little man, he gets an Easter Basket filled with wonderful Lindt treats and adults get a Lindt Easter bunny. If it is just us and adult son home, we exchange Lindt bunnies. We enjoy an Easter meal – roast turkey and the fixings (if daughter et al are home) or baked ham and the fixings (if we are a small gathering.)

  • Love, love, love Lindt chocolate. The Lindt chocolate prize package would make a wonderful Easter treat to share with our extended family. I do an Easter hunt with a religious theme and a second one with Easter treats at my mom’s house for my four nieces and nephews and my grandson; it’s a tradition they all look forward to. The little gold bunnies would be great to include in the Easter egg hunt for the kids.

  • Our Easter tradition is to do an egg hunt in the morning with the boys and then later in the afternoon we head off to my in-laws for Easter supper. I usually bake a dessert to bring as well. Something that says “Spring”

  • We have an Easter egg hunt in the morning (at home), then go to Easter in the Park at the park near our home where we get a photo of the kids with the Easter Bunnies (Mr & Mrs) and participate in the games / activities, then we have dinner at my sister’s house with the rest of the family.

  • We make up Easter Baskets for everyone – kids, adults and pets. If there are little ones around then we hide eggs. Dinner is always turkey with all the fixings!

  • I do an egg hunt for my daughter in the morning in the house, and this year we’re going to go to a neighbourhood hunt too!

  • We always make Easter a big deal for the kids. We decorate the house a few weeks in advance, decorate eggs and do other Easter crafts. On Easter morning we hide eggs filled with treats as well as a couple Easter bunnies.

  • Our tradition is to start the day with an Easter egg hunt in our home for my three girls, a lovely breakfast, then off to my family for a yummy Easter dinner. We are hoping it will be a fantastic day!

  • We sing in our local Easter Cantata each year. We don’t hide eggs, but we do eat a boatload of chocolate :0

  • we get together for dinner and make delicious personalized eggs for everyone. I used to hide eggs for my son and give him a present from the easter bunny but at 16 he told me to stop hiding the eggs, haha!

  • Easter for us is always a time to get together with family. Most of the time it involves driving to BC to be with my wife’s side of the family. Once there her and her sister always make time to hide plastic Easter eggs around her property filled with surprises for the kids in the morning. Right after breakfast the hunt is on! Lindt products of some sort are always there. The rest of the day is spent snacking on chocolate and waiting for dinner 😉

  • The Easter Bunny visits our house in the night and leaves Easter Baskets for my 2 kids at the foot of their beds. Sometimes eggs are hidden around the house or even outside by the Easter Bunny.

  • For Easter, I attend church in the morning and we have a big family dinner later in the day with lazy cabbage rolls, ham, scalloped potatoes, salads, etc

  • With the girls grown and out on their own things have calmed downed quite a bit, but now we celebrate with the grandchildren and colour eggs and have a big Easter meal!

  • Our tradition is going to my babcias (grandmas house) and the whole family getting together. This year we will start the tradition of hiding easter baskets for our daughters and letting them hunt for them! and yes more chocolate the better (cause mom gets some of it) 🙂

  • Any Lindt is always a hit in our house. We always have an Easter egg hunt, and each kid (3) get their own colour of eggs to hunt for.

  • I normally do a big dinner (this year, not sure as our oven died so its going to be a crockpot dinner instead). The Easter Bunny normally leaves a basket for the boys in the wee hours of the morning while we’re still sleeping.

  • It would be terrific to
    win a Lindt Chocolate Bunny Prize Package.
    In response to your question of
    Do you have any Easter traditions?
    Yes my family gets together to have
    an Easter Dinner at my mother’s place
    and she likes to hide the Easter Eggs
    and Chocolate Bunnies around her place for the grandchildren.
    Thank you for having this contest.

  • We always have a special dinner for Easter & try to get the whole family together for it, but that part’s difficult as we all live in different places. We used to get together at Grandma’s & that included a church service .

  • We have an Easter Egg Hunt, followed by either a big breakfast or Church Services or Church Services then a big brunch.

  • I hide chocolate eggs and bunnies for Easter morning. We like to dress up and attend a family service at church. My little one has started decorating by placing her stuffed bunnies, lamb and duck throughout our home. She wants to leave a gift for the Easter Bunny and the Lindt carrots are perfect!

  • We do a big egg hunt but really it’s for all kinds of candy and chocolate, not just eggs. Then we check out and play with the toys that the bunny left then a big Easter feast.

  • We usually have a nice family dinner, usually a turkey or a ham. This year its a ham. Then we have an Easter Egg hunt, hoping it will be nice to have one outside this year!

  • We go to Easter church service,roast a turkey stuffed with savory dressings and all the trimmings followed with an outside egg Hunt !

  • My Easter tradition is pretty simple. We usually just eat lots of chocolate! Lol. My birthday often falls on the same weekend, so there is some birthday cake action going on as well. It’s delicious!

  • Right now we have non except egg decorating. As a child my favorite was making Easter pastry and exchanging some of it with friends and family. We’d often end up with 5 or 6 different varieties and they were all so delicious. Unfortunately the process is complicated and I didn’t learn it in entirety and am not able to recreate it now…

  • My kids are young adults now so we don’t have Easter eggs hunts like we use to. We do still dye eggs because you are never to old to do that. We use them as decor for the big Easter dinner we have.

  • We usually celebrate easter and my nephew’s birthday at the same time, so it is a mix of presents and easter chocolate!

  • We do easter brunch, mainly to catch up with extended family members. We also buy a ton of easter candy, such as the Lindt bunnies or other eggs.

  • When my sons were smaller we always had an Easter party at our house for their friends. We would hide candy and chocolate all over our large backyard and then 12 to 15 children would run all around the back. Then we would play board games and Xbox games and have a break when we would decorate sugar cookies that were shaped like bunnies and eat them and other snacks and drinks. It was a lot of fun. Now that they are grown they still enjoy getting chocolate and a gift for Easter and we have a family dinner on Easter Sunday

  • We buy bags of the standard chocolate eggies and a few of the big ones, and have a small Easter egg hunt every year!

  • We don’t hide Easter eggs anymore. We do put out a small Easter gift Basket for the kids on Easter Sunday. we will have dinner with our in-laws. Both my hubby and I are working Easter Monday.

  • I always hide chocolate eggs,but my son is too old for that now,,boohoo,,but we always have a big turkey Easter dinner with the family. This year we won`t though,as I am leaving Easter day to go on a trip for my sons hockey tournament!

  • We hide eggs all around our yard and then kids look for them, so much fun. We also colour eggs with kids and place stickers on them

  • We always dyed eggs, decorated the house, opened easter baskets and had an Easter egg hunt every year and then top it off with a big meal of ham or turkey with extended family.

  • We don’t do egg hunts anymore, but we still eat the chocolates. We ave a huge dinner with the extended family.

  • An annual egg hunt starts our Easter morning and finishes with a lemon curd pavlova for dessert. Mini Lindt bunnies are the eye catcher of our table decorations.

  • The Easter bunny has always come to our house even when we weren’t home. Such a sweet bunny! We color eggs and the bunny hides them. We usually have Easter supper together with the extended family but this year we are going to have brunch together. Easter night we are going to do something a little different and that will be a fondue with the immediate family.

  • I host Easter Dinner for my family and make Easter Basquets for my granddaughters, that the Easter Bunny drop at our house for them.

  • The family gathers for Easter dinner after which there are always chocolate bunnies for the kids and adults too!

  • We do an Easter egg hunt around our house. We hide them everywhere! Also, the night before, we leave a few baby carrots and some lettuce for the Easter Bunny to snack on when he arrives.

  • So yummy! Wow! We always attend church on Good Friday and Easter Sunday. We also have yummy meals with family and friends and often have egg hunts 🙂

  • we don’t have any traditions any more – it’s hard when the kids grow up and are no longer interested in Easter egg hunts – all they want is to eat all the chocolate as fast as they can

  • I used to hide my sons chocolates when they were little. Now we hide the grandsons chocolates attend family dinner.

  • I don’t have any easter traditions, we used to go to my sisters for a huge family dinner but since her pasing 4 years ago we don’t feel like celebrating anymore

  • Our tradition is to have a buffet style lunch with untraditional Easter foods. We make finger foods, desserts and wine. Followed by an Easter egg hunt for the children.

  • when my kids were younger, we loved to do the Easter egg scavenger hunt at the house and it’s a usually a time we get together with family and spend time outside weather permitting

  • We started putting out chalk made bunny paw tracks to and from our front door to let the kids know the Easter bunny had come!

  • Our Easter traditions involve attending church services and having a special meal together as a family at some point during the Easter weekend.

  • When the kids were little we used to have an Easter egg hunt but now we just share a bowlful of lindt chocolates. We have an Easter dinner; usually roast or ham. And we always try to get out for a nature walk weather permitting.

  • Oh a easter egg hunt is a must. Can’t forget about it because when you do, when the kids are older you hear about it.

  • We hide Easter Eggs for my granddaughters, we always leave the Easter Bunny a carrot and a bit of water. Its a great day that ends with a wonderful dinner with all family members.

  • I always bake bunny shaped cookies with multi-coloured sprinkle tails, decorate eggs, and this year I’m also going to host an Easter brunch.

  • When my children were young they would wake up to a trail of Easter eggs going from their beds to the first clue for a treasure hunt to find their baskets. We would have an Easter dinner with family in the evening.

  • The kids are a little older and won’t hunt anymore, but we still buy them goodies. I host Easter dinner.

  • We have a simpe but delicious meal and recount the true meaning of Easter. The table is decorated in various Easter themes. We colour eggs and have a cake and chocolates on hand. It is also a time to celebrate spring: a symbol of rebirth and renewed hope.

  • I don’t have any Easter traditions 🙁 As a kid, my mom would hide chocolate eggs and little gifts around the house for us to find. Next Easter I’ll have a little one, and holidays will be fun and exciting! 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Here, for Easter, we have church on Good Friday and Easter Sunday and Monday and all of those days a good hearty meal. One day is Easter ham. yum

  • I love Easter! We normally do an egg hunt. In recent years I’ve done more in the way of hiding eggs filled with little treats as opposed to all chocolate. A lovely family breakfast and a great family dinner at the inlaws.

  • Just decorate the Easter tree for the bunny , completely non-religious just all about the Magickal Easter bunny . Have a mini hunt and leave a trail to the gifts he left

  • We always have an Easter Egg hunt outside for the kids… matter the weather….everyone (kids and adults) dresses up and we go for a walk around the farmyard searching for gifts the Easter Bunny has left. I put the Easter treats in those colorful plastic ‘eggs’….Everyone feels better with some fresh air and some exercise walking around….conversation flows more freely with extended family……….and then everyone is happier when they come back inside.

  • Our weather is always snowy around easter, so we always do our egg hunt indoors! Our kids just loved to look around… we confined it to the dining room and living room (or the family room) and it was a lot of fun to hunt for eggs. Now they are older and just want to sleep in on any weekend so we just hide the eggs –from them! LOL.

  • Our Easter traditions are to have an Easter egg hunt for the children and a beautiful dinner after attending a church service.We all love Lindt chocolate and it is always a part of the baskets that we do up with treats and small things like socks,books,little toys and so on.

  • My kids love the scavenger hunt for hidden treats around the house. We put them into plastic eggs (so the dog doesn’t get curious) and every year they do the hunt differently — on their own accord.
    We also love hosting turkey dinner and trying new fun desserts. We also try to get to church to ensure the meaning of Easter is not lost.

  • When the kids were really young we did eggs and hid them..then the kids made the eggs…after a while the kids no longer wanted to eat boiled eggs for a week LOL, so it was choc instead
    nowadays its go to the inlaws for a meal

  • It’s always been a holiday with chocolate!!! Coloring Easter eggs and family…My mom is hosting an Easter brunch tomorrow in fact!

  • I used to hide Easter eggs for the kids, but now that they are grown we just have a nice Easter family dinner together. Last year was a BBQ’d glazed spiral ham. It was so good, it might have to become a new tradition!

  • This year, we did a colour-coded easter egg hunt for the kids at Grandma’s house. We always get together for Easter dinner.

  • My daughters and their families come for a Ham dinner, We do the egg hunt before dinner and their are always Lindt eggs on the table to give it a festive look.

  • My boys are older than my daughter so now they hide the chocolates for her then the whole family has dinner at my moms!

  • We do a very elaborate egg hunt in and around my house for the kids (with colour coded maps and legends), then head out to dinner as a family

  • We have a big family dinner at my sister, we hide eggs for the kids and have a great meal of Spagetti and Meatballs, Everyone brings something to contribute to the meal it is such fun

  • My Children hunt for chocolate eggs, we usually watch a Family movie, this year, it’s Sing. We have a nice ham and potato scallop supper finished off with a lemon dessert 🙂

  • I love Easter! We decorate eggs the week before have an Easter egg hunt here at our house on Easter Sunday, usually followed by a special dinner. (Did I mention Lindt chocolate is our favourite?)

  • Part of our easter tradition to have this Lindt rabbit chocolate hide inside the house for the kids to find and I set the table with easter eggs and nice turkey meal to be shared with my family

  • Grandma did, Mom did and I do boiled eggs in onion skins in water and the eggs are a beautiful rich hue. Most often a jello salad, cold cuts, deviled eggs and hot cross buns is on the menu.

  • On Easter Sunday we give the kids their Easter Bunny baskets and then we have dinner at my mother’s house!


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