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Under Pressure!

Mention using a pressure cooker to anyone over a certain age, and it’s met with a comment about being careful, and hand-wringing. I know this because I was that girl, having been told about the pressure cookers my mom and aunts used thirty-plus years ago. It wasn’t until a few friends started sharing their pressure-cooker recipes and my Pinterest feed started filling up with them, that I had a serious case of FOMO (fear of missing out) and needed to get my hands on one

Here’s the thing, pressure cookers have changed so much in recent years that I think they should change their name, so that people of older generations (and people like me influenced by them) won’t even realize it’s the same type of product, because I think those perceptions are holding a lot of people back.

Which means those people are missing out on ridiculously tender roast beef dinners made in under an hour.

And buffalo chicken.

And having dinner on the table in less time than it takes my Chinese food order to arrive.

Intregued? Read on.

breville fast slow pro

The Breville Fast Slow Pro (in a nutshell) is a pressure cooker and slow cooker in one, and depending on the food being cooked, it identifies the right time, temperature and pressure by monitoring ingredients for accurate control as well as a hands free steam release.

What does one do with a pressure/slow-cooker combination? Well just about anything. You can pressure cook, slow cook, steam, reduce, sauté and sear complete with a fully interactive LCD to let you know how it’s all going!

breville fast slow pro chicken

The first recipe I tried was buffalo chicken – chicken breasts mixed with buffalo sauce and ranch powder dressing, cooked in a ridiculous time of 17 minutes (plus pre-heating time and pressure-release time). The kids had them on tortillas, hubby and I on lettuce wraps. This will be an easy go-to on busy days when we have activities in the evening.

Next, I made an unbelievably tender pot roast, using a fairly inexpensive cut of beef, in the Fast Slow Pro in just over 1 hour total. The cooking time itself was just 45 minutes and what really impressed me this time was that I could sear the beef in the pot before cooking (yes, there’s a setting for that!)

I didn’t even get a photo at the end, and realized when it was too late – but picture your favorite fall-apart roast beef meal with potatoes, carrots and gravy and yes – it was amazing! I was also able to make the gravy right in the Fast Slow Pro at the end!

tomato beef stroganoff

The third meal I made (yes, I have been pretty excited about using this versatile kitchen appliance!) was the Slow Cooker Beef Stroganoff recipe I posted on the blog last week. Yes, that slow cooker meal was made right in the Breville Fast Slow Pro using the slow cooker setting!

The Breville Fast Slow Pro can be purchased directly from at a listed price of $369.99. I did a quick search online and found it at Best Buy, London Drugs, The Bay, and Sears for less! Remember that this product is used for searing, saute, slow cooking and of course pressure cooking so you’re getting several products in one which not only saves money in the long run but also counter space. Breville is well known for exceptional quality as well.



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  • I have never used a pressure cooker but I have friends who swear by them. Would love to give one a try and this one looks great! Looks like they’ve come a long way from what they used to be.

  • I have never used a pressure cooker but would love to! The versatility is so amazing, it monitors the cooking of the meal for me. I also love how quickly it cooks, making it so much easier for me to have dinner on the table on those days when I have pre-planned. Thank you for the chance!

  • I have never used a pressure cooker before but always wanted to. I was afraid of them blowing up before. I really love how easy this machine makes pressure cooking look.

  • I need this in my life! Most weekdays I have a short window between getting home and having to head out the door again. This would be a great tool for creating healthy and delicious meals for my family in a short amount of time.

  • I like the IDEA of a pressure cooker, but have never used one. And they scare me a bit. But I like that this has electronic-type bits, so it would presumably warn me before it blows :-0 And it will probably also make lovely meals.

  • Yes I have used a stovetop pressure cooker and love the results. I like this one though because there is no babysitting.

  • I have never used a pressure cooker before, but lately have been reading so much them that I’d love to try it out.

  • I have never used one because they always scared me a little! Lol! These new ones look so much safer and I’m ready to give it a try.

  • I used am old fashioned pressure cooker with my Mum to make soup stock. I love the end result, but they make me nervous! This one looks much more accurate and safe. I would love to try it out!

  • I have an older type pressure cooker that I no longer use for safety reasons. I would definitely love a new one. They are definitely versatile.

  • I’ve never used a pressure cooker, but it’s on my wishlist. I love trying new kitchen appliances and I’m intrigued by how well it cooks meat!

  • I think my wife and I would love to try one of the new pressure cookers, especially since it comes from Breville.

  • I have never used a pressure cooker before but what interests me about them is how quickly they will cook food. It would be such a time saver for our family for nights when there isn’t much time to throw together a meal.

  • I have never used one before but I have been wanting one since I started to see all the recipes popping up on my feed. Love that it makes meal cooking easy and quick, great for busy days.

  • I have never used a pressure cooker before but, I think the possibilities are endless. I would love to make beef strongaff or attempt a roast beef.

  • I actually haven’t used a pressure cooker, but I have heard so many good things about modern pressure cookers and their efficiency.

  • I have never us d a pressure cooker but you make this one sound amazing! We are a very busy family who love to cook and I think this would be a fantastic addition to my kitchen aresenal!

  • I would love to try a pressure cooker to help me with my everyday cooking and reduce the time on dishes that would usually take a couple of hours! Glad they are making pressure cookers easier to use for everyday home cooks!

  • I’ve never used a slow cooker but heard / read great things about them so would love to try one out and see if it’s true!

  • I would lovee to try a pressure cooker. I have heard so many good things about them. Your pot roast looks delicious.

  • I’ve never tried one but have always wanted too. Every time I see one on a cooking show I make a comment to hubby that we should get one. With both of us working full time and five kids, anything to make mealtime easier is a plus!

  • I haven’t tried a pressure cooker before but would like one. I’ve heard that they can speed up cooking and I’m all for that! I think it would be super versatile!

  • I really like that you can use this to cook many different meals. I think it would inspire me to cook new dishes with confidence.

  • I’ve never had a pressure cooker before but my friend just got one a few months ago and she uses it nearly EVERY DAY!!! I’m so jealous and I totally want this prize!!!

  • I have actually NEVER used a slow cooker and do not have one BUT have always wanted one. I love the fact that you can make so many different meals out of it and you can turn it on and let it cook for you and come home to dinner being done

  • I have never used a pressure cooker before as I was always a little scared of using one. I love the idea how quickly you can get a meal on the table with the pressure cooker.

  • I have never used a pressure cooker! My husband has mentioned many times he would like to try one! I am excited to try this because I did not know it also had slower settings, which is so helpful for during the day. Love that it can be a quick & slow meal cooker.

  • I use a stove-top pressure cooker currently and have been eyeing the Breville one. I love how fast and tender it makes the meat when it is done. I currently use my pressure cooker to make a spinach and beef curry or even butter chicken curry. We don’t own a slow cooker, but I would definitely use an appliance as versatile as this to make homemade chilli or pot roast too.

  • Have never used a pressure cooker but this model seems like it would be a great time saver and the versatility would make meals a breeze.

  • I have never used but remember debating registering for one for my wedding! As a busy family of 4 I think this will help us get more meals on teh table vs thru a drive thru!

  • I always wanted to try the pressure cooker, but never had a chance. The cooking time is amazing and I’ve heard more than once that the food tastes great and is healthy. So many reasons to want one!

  • I once used a pressure cooker to cook pork legs adobo recipe and it came out so tender at a very short time. This Breville cooker is so smart that cooking would be even easier.

  • I had a pressure cooker many years ago it was one of the stove top types with a little red vent on top. Loved how quickly it cooked and the flavours seemed deeper. But it was aluminium and stopped using it & tossed it when the aluminium/ Alzheimer’s scare Would love to start using one again

  • I have used a pressure cooker before, but not a digital one. I’ve been really interested in getting one due to how versatile they are and how quickly you can make a meal.

  • I have never owned or used a pressure cooker but it sure would save a lot of time, and they don’t looks as scarey to use as they did years ago

  • I have never used a pressure cooker i was always scared to use one lol ,but i so love you can cook a roast in an hour or so , that’s amazing , i love how you can make anything in less time , i think i would make a pork roast first 🙂

  • never owned one before, to be honest not sure i’d know what to do with it, but i like that its quick and painless! I’m all about fast and convenient. Thanks for the chance.

  • I’ve never used a pressure cooker before, but am definitely interested in it! The ease-of-use factor is huge for me, and also that it makes healthy and delicious meals in a jiffy!

  • I have been thinking lately about getting a pressure cooker . I have never used one but I really like the idea of how fast and easy it cooks.

  • I have never used a pressure cooker before but I have heard so many good things about these new ones that I really want one

  • I remember using the old pressure cookers. Great results; but always cooked with anxious apprehension!!!! This Breville sounds like it could replace everything from my slow cooker to my rice cooker and get me pressure cooking again!

  • I have never used a pressure cooker. I think this would be a great addition to my kitchen because I could cook meals fast. I could cook a variety of meals in it and because of the way it cooks I could use less expensive cuts of meat and have them turn out tender. Everything you made is a meal we would enjoy.

  • This product looks incredible! I love my slow cooker, but it seems much more versatile. Would love the chance to try it out at home.

  • I haven’t used a pressure cooker before but I like the idea of being able to do a roast quickly and have it taste great.

  • I have never used one, but I like the idea. I make a lot of brown beans and this would make a huge difference in time.

  • I have never used a pressure cooker before but my mom swears by it. She does so much with hers. I have seen the benefits so many times when I am at her place. She keeps telling me I need to get one.

  • I tried once when I was in my early 20’s. That’s a long time ago. They are very different now. Anyway, I burnt my hand never used one again. My husband loves using it and he would love this.

  • I know people who love using a pressure cooker but I have always been hesitant. I think it’s time to finally try it for myself.

  • Never used a pressure cooker before but I’m definitely intrigued by the concept. …and given the lack of space in our kitchen, I love the fact that it can also act as a slow cooker.

  • I have never used a pressure cooker before, but I would love to try one! I know you can prepare can goods in them, and obviously speed up dinner prep. Great kitchen appliance!

  • My mother didn’t have a pressure cooker when I was growing up but I do remember hearing the stories about the dangers. I’d love to have one now. My time to make dinner is limited after work, and any appliance that cooks a delicious, tasty meal in minutes would be an asset to me.

  • I have never used a pressure cooker before because I always doubt whether it is safe. But this seems like a very good product as there are a lot of different functions and seems very easy to use. I would love to try this out.

  • Hi,I have never used a pressure cooker but my sister has one not like this but an older model and she loves it . Would love to give this new model a try!!

  • Wow! I have never used a pressure cooker before but I definitely like the idea of amazing meals with no fuss. I especially like that you can sear right in the product as well as make gravy in it afterwards. I have a small space so I would greatly appreciate an appliance that has so many functions. Hopefully I am lucky and am fortunate enough to win this awesome Breville Fast Slow Pro to make meals for my family!!

  • I have never used a pressure cooker but my mother-in-law used to (she swore by it!!) Lately we have been seriously considering one (but sadly no longer have M-I-L to ask questions about it.) I know we would do her proud putting it to great use.

  • I haven’t used a pressure cooker before but I am intrigued by it. I work nights and a lot of times it would be nice to whip up a quick healthy dinner without having to break out my crockpot at 7am.

  • wow – this cooker sounds amazing – I would love to try it! I love that it is quick and that it has so many functions! I also remember hearing about pressure cookers and how they were dangerous. this pot sounds fool proof!

  • No this gal has never used a pressure cooker! The ability to cook such elaborate meals in a crazy short amount of time is what every busy family needs! It would be a bit of a learning curve at first to master it’s versatility as it can do SO much!, but Breville makes such smart appliances that do the thinking for you & the results are amazing! The interactive LCD screen an awesome feature.

  • I have an Instant Pot. Canadian product. Very happy with the product. It even makes yogurt! Is Beeville better than this product?

  • I have never used a pressure cooker before. I really like how quickly the food cooks and that home cooked meals can be fast. I really like that i can sear right in the pot. One less pan to wash.

  • It has been years since I’ve used a pressure cooker! I kind of forgot what its like! I would totally use it again. I like that you can make so many things with it.

  • I have an “Instant” pressure cooker 😉 and it is amazing! All those freezer meals I’ve made but forgot to take out in time to thaw for the slow cooker, well they go into the pressure cooker and we have a meal ready to go in a fraction of the time. Frozen solid pork to perfect pulled pork in around 3 hours is fantastic!

  • I have never used a pressure cooker but my Grams always did and her roasts and stews were always so fantastic. I would love this to be able to replicate her recipes. Thanks for the chance

  • I have never used a pressure cooker (or too many other kitchen gadgets!) but they sound great. My cousin has one and she uses it all the time to make really great dinners without having to spend too much time in the kitchen. Sounds like my kind of tool!

  • I’ve never used one before, but would love to try it out. Anything that helps in the kitchen is welcome in my house.

  • I have never used one. I would like it because i think it would allow be to be more creative and cook fresh meals.

  • I’ve never used a pressure cooker before. I see them used on cooking shows all the time and am intrigued! I’m not a big fan of cooking, so this may be a gadget worth getting to create homemade meals! Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  • I’ve never used one before, but my Mom used to use one when we were kids. This definitely looks a lot different than that one!

  • I haven’t tried one but my mom always used one. I would love to have some quick meals for some weeknights.

  • I have used a pressure cooker before but it was one of those 30 year ago ones you were talking about. I used to do canning with it. I do love that it is so versatile and would love to try cooking in one. By the way, I got rid of the old one some time ago because, yes I was afraid of it and the horror stories one used to hear about them.

  • I’ve been too afraid to try, but I’m intrigued! This would give me a chance to try it out. Also I have next to no time for long meal prep so it would help huge.

  • Never have used them but they are intriguing to me! The thought of preparing something in under and your that would normally take half a day is mind blowing!!!

  • Have actually never used a pressure cooker before but people do swear by them on how convenient they are to use and how fast. I guess I remember the days when one would hear horror stories of them exploding all over the kitchen. But I think for those busy work days it would be fabulous to use and own one. And the recipes would be endless

    Thanks for the great giveaway

  • I’ve never used a pressure cooker but I LOVE Breville appliances. We have 5 in our kitchen, they work great, are easy to clean and have stood the test of time in a busy household! Would love to try it out.

  • I have not used a pressure cooker. I would love to try as this is a healthy and fast way to prepare a delicious meal.

  • I HAVE NOT OWN A PRESSURE COOKER,BUT WHEN I AM growing up my father bought one for my mother, I am a little hit frightneed because it sounded so loud and my father run to the hob to attend to it, this looks more the best product, so I would like to own and make a very tender meat cooked in this pressure cooker.

  • I use to use a pressure cooker quite regularly about 20 years ago. The Breville Fast Slow Pro has so many more options than the one that I use to use. It looks fantastic! I love that they speed up cooking times.

  • I’m terrified to use a pressure cooker, but am so intrigued by how quickly they can get dinner on the table. I know they are safe, and I just need to get one and try it out.

  • I actually have used a pressure cooker before to help make a roast beef. I liked that it cooks in an hour and that alone is an amazing savings on my energy bill.You make this Breville one sound so fantastic! I would love to win one of my own!

  • I have not used a pressure cooker before and it is great that it canpressure cook, slow cook, steam, reduce, sauté and sear. I’m impressed on how little time it takes to cook a meal.

  • Like you I’ve not really heard good about them in past but wow it would be great to cook a roast in such short time. Or any of the recipes you made I’d love to give them all a try

  • I use my current pressure cooker to save time cooking dinner. It’s old now and I love Breville products, so I’d love to win this.

  • Yes I have used one but it was 30+ years ago and were mostly used for diet foods like chicken and it was not good, they were also scary to use and I see your review and the food looks terrific and the looks of it and what it does is totally different, kind of scared but may have to try one.

  • My mom used to use a pressure cooker and it always intimidated me. That little bell thing going back and forth. I was convinced it would explode! Looks like they’ve come a long way since then. Would love to try this.

  • I’ve used a pressure canner which is capable of being a pressure cooker but I wouldn’t trust it… I think an electric pressure cooker is a much better option for our household #klutzy!

  • I have never tried a pressure cooker before, and have also been extremely intrigued!
    With a new baby on the way, the idea of quick and easy cooking is very enticing!

  • I’ve never tried a pressure cooker before but I have been thinking a LOT about getting one lately. They are very appealing to me because of their versatility, and because it seems I could make a huge variety of yummy things in less time than traditional cooking takes. Friends of ours have been getting them and I am closely following their results before making my final decision about getting one, but so far I think I would LOVE one.

  • I’ve always been scared to use one, from the olden days, its going to blow up! After reading your post, it seems things have come a long way, I love how fast it cooks, would like to try canning in it.

  • I have never tried a pressure cooker but I can think of lots of things I would like to try cooking in one nn

  • my mom has one and i’ve been wanting to take it away from her for the longest time lol
    it’s such a big help and i can’t wait to own one

  • I remember cooking class in grade 9 (many..many years and using a pressure cooker for the first time, Mom always had one and used it all the time…after reading this post I have to get certainly isn’t the same from the late 70’s

  • I have Not used a pressure cooker before! It’d be nice to try one out!! I’m always looking for different, more efficient ways to make a meal!! Thanks!

  • I have not used a pressure cooker, but my mother had one and used it quite often. It always scared me, so seeing this one make me want to have one. Meal time is hard enough so being able to do it quickly would be awesome

  • I personally have never used a pressure cooker before and think this might be a great time saver for us. I work the noon shift so what I have been doing recently is pre cooking stuff and then hubby just comes home and heats it up. He’s diabetic so has to eat on time and I have been known to come home so late he’s already in bed (10pm can be the norm in the summer months when production increases) We also do a lot of bbqing in the summer but for me its not nice enough yet to be standing outside to do this (esp our SK wind eh? lol)

  • I have never used a pressure cooker before but i know people who love them and feel very safe using them. Im very excited to try one though. Im thinking the best part is how fast they cook.

  • I have used a pressure cooker and just loved it because it was so quick and convenient. However it is time to update. I would really enjoy using an more update version. Thank you.

  • I haven’t used a pressure cooker before, but I love the idea of being able to get dinner on the table in way less time than it would usually take to cook that dish.

  • I’ve never used a pressure cooker before, but have used a slow cooker & very pleased with the results. Love the unique multi functions of this Breville Fast Slow Pro and would love to try it!