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My eyebrows have always been kind of an annoyance to me. Growing up with an amazing uni-brow until I started waxing at fourteen, I have constantly fought the battle of my dark Romanian brows. The nineties were a tough time for that, when pencil thin brows were in. I have a (now hilarious but then not-so-funny) story about the time I had bleach blonde hair, decided my brows needed to be the same and over-bleached them, then got them “professionally” tinted only to have them turn into black caterpillars on my face. 1996, you were an interesting year…

Now, what a wonderful time it is to be alive when bold, thick brows are trending everywhere! Of course, I still need to ensure my brows are tamed (I’ll never get away without waxing them!) but with a few great quality products, I can have perfectly styled brows in no time.

Recently in an Instagram post I shared my favorite current items, and my Arbonne Eyebrow Gel and Shape It Up Brow Pencil were among them!

While learning how to be more fit, I’m also a girly girl and love finding ways to combine the two. A year ago, this snap of a few of my favorite things would have looked a lot different! Today it included another great tank from Under Armour I found at @sportchek (click through a photo from earlier this week of another one), my @skechers.canada Flex Appeal 2.0 shoes (giveaway on the blog today!), my FitBit which judges me daily because I rarely hit 10,000 steps, @sudiosweden headphones because cords annoy me SO MUCH when running, and yes @arbonnecanada brow pencil and eyebrow gel because they’re awesome! 💁 I learn from others on Instagram and #myfitnesspal every day so if you have a current fitness favorite I’d love to know about it! #momblog #thisis40 #gym #fitnessjourney #fitmoms #fitstagram #skechers #arbonne #underarmour #weightlossjourney #weightlosstransformation #cardio #treadmill #canadianblogger #fitbit #fitbitflex2

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Here’s everything you need to know about these two products from Arbonne, plus a third that helps finish your look:

tenille lafontaineEyebrow Gel ($22)

· Clear, lightweight gel brushes on easily to shape and define brows
· Holds brows in place throughout the day and conditions
· Can be used in combination with Shape It Up Brow Pencil to create looks from natural to more dramatic, day to night

· Polypeptides contain skin-conditioning amino acids
· Ribose delivers moisture to help promote skin’s natural radiance
· Key botanicals: Buddleja davidii extract acts as a skin-conditioning agent and contains anti-oxidant properties, Marrubium vulgare extract condition and soothes, Thyme extract acts as a skin-conditioning agent, which provides moisture to keep skin looking healthy, radiant and youthful, Aloe vera soothes and moisturizes

Shape It Up Brow Pencil ($32)

· Natural-looking colour glides on easily to shape, colour, fill and define brows
· Formula is soft and easy to blend with the attached brush to create looks from natural to dramatic
· Smudge-resistant colour is long-lasting
· Can be used with Shape It Up Tinted Brow Cream for maximum hold, colour and style
· Available in three shades: Light. Medium, Dark

· Eyebright extract, a botanical containing antioxidant properties, helps deliver moisturizing benefits to soothe the eye area exposed to environmental dryness
· Hibiscus extract, a botanical containing antioxidant properties, helps promote the appearance of supple and radiant-looking skin
· Larch & green tea extract complex helps promote the appearance of fuller brows

Shape It Up Tinted Brow Cream ($32)


· Lightweight, flexible cream brushes on easily to shape and define brows while conditioning and smoothing hair
· Holds brows in place throughout the day with a soft, natural look and hold
· Can be used in combination with Shape It Up Brow Pencil to create looks from natural to more dramatic, day to night
· Smudge-resistant
· Available in two shades: Light/Medium, Medium/Dark

· Eyebright extract, a botanical containing antioxidant properties, helps deliver moisturizing benefits to soothe the eye area exposed to environmental dryness
· Hibiscus extract, a botanical containing antioxidant properties, helps promote the appearance of supple and radiant-looking skin
· Larch & green tea extract complex helps promote the appearance of fuller brows

Look for these and more great Arbonne make-up products online at and contact your local Arbonne rep to order. Don’t have one? The easiest way to find one is to ask on your social media!


Arbonne giveaway

One of my readers is going to win an Arbonne Shape It Up prize package including all 3 products shared here in their choice of shade (total prize value $86). Enter your name and email address in the form below and click BEGIN to get started!


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  • I have the opposite problem to yours … the non existent brow. I swear that at the age of about 25 they started a literal disappearing act!

  • I want nice brows but always afraid to pluck. my kids make fun of me when I use my brown eye liner pencil to shape my brows.

  • I have never done anything with my brows. I have waxed to get rid of some of it but, I really need to learn how to deal with them.

  • I’ve thought about eyebrow microblading (due to all the coverage on the recent trend) but am too much of a scaredy cat to let someone do something so semi-permanent to my face!

  • My eyebrows were ‘just right’ when I was younger, but now I notice they are ‘thinning’ and need some help from me to maintain that darker, styled look that is popular right now. These items sound perfect and would add a little ‘style’ to my face!

  • My eyebrows haven’t given me any grief, they’re just there. I do shade them in for more effect when i’m getting photos done or going out for dinner otherwise I just leave them be. Pluck the odd straggler here.

  • My eyebrows have a reasonable shape (without too much plucking), but they’re blonde, so not terribly impactful. I have bought eyebrow pencils in the past, but can’t be bothered to use them after the first few tries. Maybe Arbonne will turn me around and set me straight (eyebrow-wise, anyway).

    • My eyebrows are blonde as well. I love the Tinted Brow Cream!!! Applying the Tinted Brow Cream makes such a difference and it’s so easy! It applies just like mascara, but with a smaller brush for your brows.

  • seriously I struggle!! there is always something someone doesn’t like about themselves well with me it is my brows! they are thin and they wave out! gahhhhh so need to shape them

  • Oh my gosh I struggle constantly with my brows! I started plucking early, over-plucked as so many of us do, and in the past few years have attempted to grow them back. They are still sparse but I am clueless as to how to make them better. This would help enormously- thank you for the chance!

  • When I was 13 I went into my parent’s garage and plucked my beautiful brows until they were so thin you could barely see them.

    I’ve been trying to get some decent brows back ever since!

  • I’ve always struggled with my brows because the hairs are coarse. i’m always plucking them and use an eyebrow pencil to shape them.

  • My brows are super pathetic. They are so light coloured they barely show up and so thin and sad looking. I really need to use brow products or I look very strange and unfocused somehow.

  • I don’t do much plucking. I usually get them threaded every once in a while to clean them up. I’m afraid of over doing it.

  • I have struggled for sure. I used to think my eyebrows were too thick and full. I plucked them myself for the longest time and they lost their natural shape and got too round. I tried the threading at a salon and found it excrutiatingly painful! Now I rely on a professional to wax them. I need some quality products to help me fill in and shape them between appointments. I would love to achieve that perfect arch!

  • I have been dealing with thinning eye brows since menopause kicked it. I have been testing a lot of different brow products try to find a good fit. No luck so far. I haven’t tried Arbonne products yet but would love to.

  • My brows are so light you can hardly see them , it runs in my family, Mom got hers tattooed on so you could see them.

  • Definitely struggled. Growing up I had very blonde brows ( natural redhead) but when I had my daughter (5) my brows somehow became non existent 🙁 so since then, I’ve been to Sephora, Shoppers Drugmart and watched countless makeup tutorials on brows. Some days are better than others when it comes to putting on my brows. Recently I heard Miranda Lambert say in an interview that if you atleast do your brows, you have accomplished atleast one thing in your day, LOL

  • I was a teenager during the ’70s when pencil thin brows were in and I kept my eyebrows extremely thin. Now that I’m (much) older, I’m finding that my brows are very sparse, even looking bald in spots, I have to pencil them in every day to make them look fuller.

  • I’ve struggled for sure. They never seems to stay in the right direction, I often look like the joker! LOL

  • I have struggled with my eyebrows. They just want to stick up and go where ever they want. It is so frustrating.

  • I had HUUUUUGE brows as a child, then went a little too far to skinny them out as an adult. They’re okay now, I’m currently (patiently) listening to my brow woman’s rules and not touching them in-between threading sessions. Still, I would love to fill them in – I’ve never tried. I want my huge brows back – who ever would have guessed??

  • My eyebrows have a natural arch to them but they just seem to be fading away and getting thinner.I could use some TLCto help them along.These Arbonne products sound wonderful to me!

  • My brows were becoming too thin from having them waxed. Since I started having them threaded they are growing back again. I have brow envy when I look at other women and see how nice their brows look.

  • I love your description of caterpillars above your eyes!
    Never heard that before but it’s perfect.
    Made me laugh and totally relate to what you mean, eyebrows always have a mind of their own until we can tame them with great products as Shape It Up.

  • lol, I struggle now finding the time to pluck the stray hairs and when I do have the time I completely forget and it’s not until I’m rushing about and in some awfully lit bathroom that I realize what a state they are in

  • I have been very lucky with my eyebrows. They are fair in color and need almost no trimming or shaping however as I get older I notice that more often now they need some attention. This sounds like a wonderful way for me to fix them as they should be now that I am older.

  • I spent so many years plucking my eyebrows when I should have just left them alone! Would love to try these products!

  • I’ve had a scar in each brow since I was three years old so my brow game is far from perfect. The scars make it hard to get them shaped properly.

  • This question is timely for me…lol…I have always waxed my brows and I’ve been happy with. However, I went to have them done yesterday because I was dismayed at how the left brow was wonky. It grew out odd with less and she told me with age that can happen. What??? She fixed best she could and with pencil it’s okay. I have a photo shoot this week and am already anxious…ha,ha.

  • I get mine waxed every three weeks. I found the best esthetitian four years ago and I won’t let anyone else touch them. I do find they need some colour when I’ve got on a full face of makeup and I’m loving colored volumizing gel by Benefit for that.

  • I have used a few of the arbonne products already and LOVE them! The Calm daily moisturizer, FC5 night creme, the cc creme and the eyeliners are my staples. Would love the add these products to my new favs list.


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