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This Is A Game Changer #CreateYourTasteCA

create your taste regina

If you have a busy family like mine, chances are you may have noticed the signs at your local McDonald’s drive-through – black flags advertising Create Your Taste. If you have a busy family like mine, you may have heard about the self-ordering kiosks inside McDonald’s restaurants across Canada, but didn’t really follow what Create Your Taste was all about. Because, if you have a busy family like mine, you can’t recall the last time you were actually inside a McDonald’s restaurant as opposed to zipping through the drive-through.

I’m telling you (and all my friends), that it’s time you brought your family inside McDonald’s because things have changed in a big way! I was recently invited to the newest McDonald’s restaurant location here in Regina, SK, to learn about the new self-serve kiosks and experience Create Your Taste for myself. I brought along two very interested food connoisseurs, my daughters!

mcdonalds regina create your taste

Here’s the big light bulb moment – I thought that the self-serve kiosk was the showstopper of Create Your Taste, but it’s not – it’s just the beginning! Sure, you can walk in and order your usual Big Mac and large fries as usual, but the big news here is that you can also create your own burger, just the way you like it, with gourmet burger toppings! And, yes, those delicious McDonald’s french fries and other sides are available as well (along with dessert!)

create your taste regina

I am *so* excited about what I’m about to tell you next, guys. Customers at McDonald’s with Create Your Taste offered can now order an Angus Burger with a lettuce wrap instead of a bun! I have long said that our family definitely utilizes fast food with no apologies, we’re busy and sometimes dinner just doesn’t get planned (or taken out of the freezer in time, or whatever the case may be!) In my recent endeavour to drop a few pounds and build some tone, take-out has presented some challenges. I’ve learned though, that there are a bunch of options for people on the same path as myself – you can still enjoy a meal with your family with  a few adjustments.

create your taste mcdonalds lettuce wrap

A lettuce wrapped Angus burger from McDonald’s is one of those amazing adjustments that taste oh so good! An Angus Burger at McDonald’s comes in a 320 calories. Add a yummy Brioche Bun to it and you’ve got another 220 calories. If you swap out a lettuce wrap instead that’s 220 calories saved! Of course, you can also add a few calories with the cheese, grilled mushrooms, caramelized onions and garlic aioli sauce like I did, but that’s entirely up to you! I mean, who could resist grilled mushrooms and caramelized onions?

mcdonalds create your taste

My daughter opted for the Angus Burger with Brioche bun, guacamole, bacon and cheese, oh my! She enthusiastically gave it a thumbs up, and I had to taste it of course to ensure I was being a good blogger (ha!)

mcdonald's gluten free options

We also discovered a bunch of new dessert or coffee-pairing options in-restaurant as well. I had no idea that McDonald’s offered these delicious temptations and – this is a big one – the gluten-free chocolate brownie didn’t taste like a cardboard box (thankfully we don’t have to deal with gluten issues in our household, and gluten-free or not, this brownie was a delicious surprise!)

Other things we were impressed with and will bring us back to dining-in at McDonald’s – after ordering at the self-serve kiosk, you’re given a coaster like other dine-in restaurants and your meal is brought to your table, along with a helpful staff member who is also eager to offer you ketchup, napkins or whatever else you need. Being invited as a guest to the restaurant, I did clarify if this was special treatment or what every customer would receive, and was pleased to learn that nope, I am not that special! 😉 Everyone will now get efficient, helpful assistance inside all 24 participating McDonald’s restaurants in Saskatchewan (6 of each in Regina and Saskatoon).

mcdonald's create your taste

In fact, with the roll-out of this new technology and burger options, 350 jobs are being created in Saskatchewan alone! I found that statistic interesting since many of us equate more technology with less customer service. With greeters at the kiosk assisting you, and staff bringing your food to your table, along with specific people hired just to make the customized burgers in a separate location in the kitchen – I can see where these positions will add up.

We truly enjoyed our dining experience at McDonald’s, and going forward I’m going to halt our busy-ness and take the time to dine-in with the family instead of zipping through the drive-thru, so that we can take advantage of the Create Your Taste ordering kiosk and dining experience. If you, like me, have not actually been inside a McDonald’s restaurant in awhile, I encourage you to check it out for yourself. You, like me, are likely going to be surprised with what’s waiting inside.











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