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The Reviews Are In! (Schick Intuition)

Intuition Pure Nourishment Razor_low resLast month, readers had the opportunity to win 1 of 50 Schick Intuition Pure Nourishment razors!  Not only that, winners then had the chance to email me a review and be entered to win a $100 Visa Gift Card!  I received a total of 22 reviews.  Interested to see what Canadian women across Canada think of the Schick Intuition Pure Nourishment razor?  Read on…

I love this razor makes my skin shave nicely & love how you don’t need shaving cream or soap its got a huge bar basically on it already 🙂 never tried intuition razors before but I would get refills in a minute… legs feel so soft and silky now no razor burn for me!!!! Just tried it and thanks I really do love it ; I give it 10/10 for softness, smoothness and silky finish my man loves and thanks again! got it this am I would deaf recommend this to others. – Vaness Foster

FIRST impressions…..Really lovin this razor as it just glides over the skin. The shower holder is a nifty bonus. The four blades do a good job at getting all that unwanted hair and the moisturizing bar did lather up a bit. What I really loved was that I did not get any nicks!!!! The razor apparatus/holder is just ok. I would like to see a better grippy handle. The only thing that I did not like was that the packaging is a bit excessive!!!! – Pam Thompson

One again thanks so much for allowing me to review the Schick Intuition Pure Nourishment Razor. All I can say is I absolutely LOVED it!!! It was so smooth and glided like butter 😉 Also it was so easier to reach the back side of my legs unlike a normal razor its always a guessing game as I do the “wrap around”. Also I wanted to mention the convience of the the nifty holder, having a 2 year old around the house I always have to keep my razors hidden and 9 times out of 10 I then forget to put them back in the shower. But here my new razor sits in its special holder. I also wanted to mention I hate shaving cream and think it just wears down your blade so the fact that this Schick razor has all these “secret elements” to glide and keep my legs moisturized is one happy Schick Intuition user. Ok they got me…ill never go back to my old razor. LOVE it! – Lori Jackson

Love this razor! The combination of the almond oil and coconut milk leaves my skin silky smooth. The scent is calming and I love the wide grip handle especially. Definitely would recommend it to family and friends! – Toby E

Overall I prefer the Schick Intuition to any of the other Schick razors I have tried in the past.
Pros: It is extremely soft, you barely even feel like you are shaving at all! It leaves the skin moisturized and you don’t require lotion afterwards.
Cons: Because of so much of the soap on the outside the shave isn’t as close as with other razors. Also it’s very bulky & there’s nowhere to really put the lid when you start shaving. – Angie Smith

This was my first time trying out the Schick Intuition Pure Nourishment razor and I am thrilled with the results!
It is perfect for me. I now get a chance to shave my legs during my 10 min shower before my kids wake up lol.
It works well on sensitive skin, smells great and is extremely time saving. Absolutely love it! – Char T.

Let’s face it, most of us have days when shaving our legs just doesn’t seem worth the time. Lather up, try not to let it rinse off before you’re done shaving, contort to keep to keep the water off – all not so much fun. Enter the Schick Intuition Pure Nourishment Razor – your shaving routine saver! With a generously pivoting head, and build in lathering, all you have to do is glide it over your legs and then your done. No really… that’s it – no hidden secrets, just a quick shave with a razor that follows the contours of your body. It’s got a wide handle so it’s easy to hold and has a cap, as well as shower hanger. For women who need to get in/out of the shower fast, this is a timesaver. And the first razor I’ve used where I’ve finished before someone started banging on the bathroom door. That makes it a keeper. – Jackie

The solid Coconut Milk and Almond Oil shaving bar? Love it. I love the idea of not having to buy shaving gel and applying it. With this razor, all you do is just wet the skin with warm water, wet the razor a bit, and start shaving. No more spending time working the gel into a lather and applying it. Once wet, the solid shaving bar lathers and applies immediately.

The shave? Shockingly good. For this test, I targeted my legs. With my fine leg hair, the average razor and shaving gel seems to flatten my hair as much as it removes it. In other words, the average razor and shaving gel combo is not terribly effective. If I have the time, I’ll do several passes with a razor which removes more hair but somehow manages to still leave hair behind. With this Schick razor, I was startled to find the first stroke removed the hair on my leg so well I didn’t require another pass.

And storing the razor? A cinch. The razor comes with a cover that protects the razor between shaving sessions and a plastic holder that attaches to a shower wall with a suction cup so you can store the razor in a convenient place. I particularly like the holder because the suction cup comes with a little tab that release the holder quickly, making removal and placement easy.

My last impression was not of the razor but of the experience itself. It was kind of fun. I don’t even remember the last time I used “shaving” and “fun” in a sentence. Oh wait, it was probably with the words “is not” between the two. Shaving is normally a chore that costs money but time – not everyone wants or has time for a long shaving session. The Schick Intuition Pure Nourishment Razor doesn’t require a lot of time or money which makes it a very convenient and ideal shaving solution. – J Long.

Thanks to Schick and Feisty Frugal And fabulous, I received a new Schick Intuition Pure Nourishment razor to try and review. I got to try the coconut milk and almond oil for dry skin razor. The package comes with the razor on its handle, a cap for it, a second replacement razor, and a holder with a suction cup to stick it on the wall. The handle is all plastic and has a nice brown color.

The innovative part of this razor is the ‘skin conditioning solid’ that surrounds the blade which lathers and moisturizer during shaving so you don’t need to use shaving cream before shaving. The solid smells great and its about a centimeter thick. It sits on an adapter that maintains its surface level with the razor during shaving and as it wears down. The razor is a 4-blade razor, and seems to be the same as my Quattro that I use regularly.

I tried the razor first on my legs that I left without shaving for over a week, so the hair was about a centimeter long. As indicated I wet shaver and pressed gently to shave,. As I moved the shaver it left a soapy film and moved smoothly, it didn’t feel like shaving without cream at all. I had to go over the same area a couple of times because my hair was so long, and after a while I felt I was using too much of the conditioning solid for one leg. The razor performed pretty much the same as my Quattro, so I had to make a few passes to get all the hair. It moved smoothly over curvy areas like the knees, and it was very easy to use. After doing both legs, I noticed the part of the solid in front of the razor had worn out quite a bit more than the back, about a quarter of the thickness.

I didn’t apply soap to my legs after shaving. My legs felt nourished and smooth. I didn’t feel I had to apply moisturizer, so I didn’t. Normally the back of my knees are sensitive and get irritated after shaving, but this time they felt comfortable and had no irritation. After two days my legs were still nourished and didn’t need moisturizer, but I could feel the hair starting to pop out. I expected this, since it is shaving.

After 3 days I shaved again, this time with very short hair. It was very smooth and fast, since you skip the step of applying cream. I used less of the solid, but it still got worn mostly in the front part. I even tried using it for a few strokes, then distributing the conditioning soap it leaves behind and then using my regular razor, and it worked great!

I found that the solid was very effective in moisturizing and lubricating your skin for shaving and afterwards. However, it does seem to wear out rather fast, and probably will run out before the blades become dull. Also, I am not sure if it is my shaving technique, but I think it will wear at the front first and then it may not work as well. I think this is a great product that may need a little improvement in the wear of the solid, perhaps make it a little less soluble so it lasts longer. The replacement razors are a little more expensive so I feel the solid should last as long as the blade. Thanks for letting me try it! – Claudia Mendez

This razor is definitely made for lazy girls like myself. I love that I don’t need to buy anything else to shave my legs or even apply any shaving cream prior to shaving!! This razor gave me a close shave without much effort and I have yet to experience any cuts. YAY! I really like that my sensitive skin isn’t irritated after a shave and the wall holder to hold my razor when not in use is a definite plus! I would recommend this shaver to anyone that doesn’t have time to lather before a shave and/or has sensitive skin. – Jeannie Lam

I am going to begin my review by telling you a couple of things about me. First I have had 3 joint bones taken out of my right hand and wrist and shaving is a huge task for me. Second I have very sensitive skin. The reason I want you to know this is so you can understand just how FANTASTIC the Schick Intuition is. When I first opened the box containing my razor, I thought yikes it looks like its going to be heavy and awkward. I was dead wrong. It is so light weight and very easy to control. Well I could not wait to try it. I can’t use shaving creams or any kind of hair removal products because of my skin sensitivity so I was a little nervous about trying it.

Well I tried it. This product is so easy to use , so light, so quick and so safe. I usually hack the heck out of my legs. Not this time. What normally takes me 10 to 20 minutes to do, only took me 5 minutes. That was both legs. The handle of the Razor makes it so easy to glide up your leg, with only one swipe and wow where my legs ever soft. I was amazed at how the lotion/soap bar made my legs feel and how easy it helped the blade glide without any cuts.

A task that I dreaded , has now become a task I look forward to doing. I will never use a cheap razor again. You now have a customer for life. I am going to recommend this product to everyone I know . This has now become the razor of choice as my stocking stuffers. I have to tell you , even my husband is impressed. He loves the way it made my legs feel. I want to thank you for letting me try this product. Not only have you changed the way I feel about shaving my legs , You have changed my life!!! – Donna Clark

I have recently used the Schick Intuition Pure Refreshment Razor in Coconut Milk @ Almond Oil. The convenience of this razor is wonderful! I appreciate the convenience of not having to use a shaving gel and the mess it makes in my shower or bath. I also liked the holder that attaches to the wall of my shower. The razor was easy to use and gave my legs a smooth and clean shave. The biggest noticeable effect was that my legs were smooth and silky after using this razor. I am going to buy another razor for my daughter and I will definitely recommend this razor to my friends and family. – Melinda Poth

I found it strange to hold the razor at first, but I got used to it quickly. I thought it was neat that I didn’t need to use soap or shaving cream. It shaved my legs perfectly! No stubbies and no cuts, and left my legs feeling smooth and soft! However, it felt very uncomfortable shaving my underarms and irritated them just a bit. I have thicker hair follicles, so razors tend to irritate my underarms, and sometimes my legs. Other than that, this razor worked well on my legs and even my arms (yes, I shave my arms lol :P). All in all, I thought this was a great razor. I think it would be convenient for travelers, campers, and people who have quick-rushed mornings, but I don’t think this product is for me. I really enjoyed getting to try it, and I really did like it, but I don’t think I would go out and buy it for myself. I am satisfied with the razor I already use: Schick Quatro for Women Trimstyle. I would rate the Schick Intuition Pure Nourishment Razor 3.5 stars out of 5. -Ashley Jordan

The Schick Intuition Pure Nourishment razor made shaving in the shower much faster than normal as there was no need to apply or re-apply soap on the area to be shaved. It is best used during a shower so that water constantly runs down the area to be shaved which allows it to lather the area being shaved well. It saved me time and led to a nice close shave. I will definitely be using the product again. – Zahra Premji

This razor has a few features: for dry skin and includes coconut milk and almond oil.

Pros: I really like that the pack comes with two heads (the “skin conditioning solids”). I also really like that I didn’t need any sort of shaving cream to use it. The shaving process was very smooth and gentle, and I did not get any shaving bumps or cuts from using this product. It also had a really fresh scent. The razor was great for my lower legs (very fast).

Cons: I did notice that I had to rinse away the extra bubbles after use as they started to produce an irritating feeling (no redness or anything once washed away, it just felt a little strange). I also constantly have the problem of left over hair (my hair is very light and fine). This razor also left some hair behind, and I had to do a touch-up with a different, smaller razor to catch them. This razor went over my knees really well, but there was extra hair left there, too.

Overall, as a free product it was pretty good. Razors in general are very frustrating to me because my hair is so fine–I always find some left behind after shaving. This razor was the same in that regard, but I liked the smell and it was very easy to use (it glides across the skin because of the moisture bar). I’m definitely going to keep using it, and maybe I’ll buy a refill when I’m done in a different scent, just to try that out. – Angel Lindsay

The rubber wall mount to hold the razor in the shower it great. There are no spots for water to pool or have it get dirty. The pliable rubber makes it super easy to slip the razor in and out effortlessly. I found the razor was great for a quick shave – you don’t need any shaving cream, but it still glides smoothly over your skin. The one downside to not using shaving cream though is that you can’t see where you’ve shaved. The whole time I had to keep running my hand over my legs to feel where I hadn’t got yet. The actual razor doesn’t feel as smooth on my skin as it could be, the edges of the plastic surrounding the blade drag on my skin. If I wanted a quick shave, this razor is definitely handy for that, otherwise it definitely wouldn’t be my favorite. – Holly O Gorman

The only downside of the Schick Intuition razor is that it does take a couple tries to get used to it, as the handle is considerably thicker than other razors. However, I got the hang of it after a few showers (and after dropping it a few times!), and I actually now find it easier and more comfortable to handle than my previous razors. The self-adjusting head and the built-in moisturizer together allowed me to get really close shaves, really quickly. I’m always late rushing out the door, so not having to apply shaving gel, or worry about my razor catching on my skin, or nicking me when I speed-shave has been a blessing! I have a new favourite razor! – Victoria Ess

So recently I received the Schick Intuition Pure Nourishment Razor from a Feisty Frugal and Fabulous Contest. I always wanted to try these razors, but previously never bought them because I could get other razors for much cheaper, especially with sales and coupons. I haven’t seen any coupons for the Schick Intuition, however that doesn’t mean they’re not available.

In the package I received the Intuition handle, two razors cartridges, a suction cup holder and a guard for the razor.

According to, the various razors from the Intuition line are $10.12 each and the 3pk replacement cartridges are $11.46 and the 6pk cartridges are $20.98. I believe they are also available at Costco, but I haven’t come across them. – Debbie


The idea of a “close shave” on “ dry skin” were two key points highlighted on the packaging that drew me in immediately. I hadn’t yet tried a four-blade razor, so I was looking forward to the experience and having my skin moisturized with the built in coconut milk & almond oil mixture. At first use, the razor was very smooth. The handle was comfortable and the razor seemed to glide over my legs. I did not need any additional shaving foam or soap in order to create a lather; the built in was enough. The head did pivot well, keeping close contact with all angles and directions in which I was going. There was no pulling or tugging sensation on my legs, which I’ve often encountered using other razors. However, when I got out of the shower, I did notice that not all of my hair was gone. The shave was intermittent, leaving some areas smoother than others. Perhaps this can be adjusted by applying more pressure consistently to the razor during the shave. My skin was also left very dry, with no added moisturizing effect afterwards. – Sabrina Jacques-Rowe

I won the above and used it yesterday and absolutely love it! No soap or shaving cream or gel needed. It shaved my legs in minutes and believe me they were hairy. My legs feel soft and smooth too. Thank you so much. I am going to buy this razor for now on and have recommended it to my family and friends. Thank you so much. Feel free to send me another one, anytime. – Theresa M

When I saw the razor I was pleased at the design and color.I like the fact it had a suction cup to mount it in the shower(put it up immediately).I liked the sublte scent.But I have to say it took a bit of getting used to it to use it properly.Because the blades were surrounded by soap it felt as if I wasn’t removing any hair and I could seem to control the pressure to shave,I was disappointed at first but then kept trying and mastered the proper technique.I really liked the razor and its results.I usually get itchy legs after shaving and the moisturzer of the shaver eliminated that.I have smooth and hair free legs.)really works well in the bikini area)I would buy this!- Debbie S

Hi! My name is Josée. I’ve tried the Schick Intuition Razor. I totaly love it. No need tu use any shaving cream. It hydrate my legs and live them smooth after shaving. I like the feeling of freshness. I will definitely buy it. – Josee

Congratulations to the winner, J. Long #8! Sending you an email soon!

Thank you to everyone who submitted a review of the Schick Intuition Pure Nourishment Razor!  I could totally recruit a bunch of you to write for me! 😉


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  • Great reviews from the gals ! If I hadn’t already tried the razor myself (and love it) – they wo uld have sold me on it for sure hah

    Very disappointing though that less than half of the ladies actually took the time to review the razor!

  • OMG I’m one of those terrible people who didn’t send in my review. Honestly just completely forgot. I got in the shower every day and looked at it and thought about writing the review. Then got out and life got busy. I’m so sorry! I feel horrible!

    Hope you don’t mind if I write a short one now?

    I really love it for the convenience of not having to use shaving cream. At the same time though I use my shaving cream as a sort of guide to where I’ve shaved and can easily tell if I missed a spot. I can’t do that with this razor. So one downfall for me was that I missed spots. My legs did feel incredibly smooth after using it though. I really love that.
    It gives a really great shave. Nice and close.
    The only other thing I don’t really like is the cost of the refills. I’m personally not a fan of things that require refills. I just find they are costly….especially razors. I was quite happy to receive this razor and am really grateful for the opportunity. Sorry, again, for being so late with my review!

    • Not terrible at all Josie! The review part was optional for those who wanted to participate! Thanks for sharing your thoughts now though! Glad you like it!