McDonald’s All-Access Moms McNugget Commercial is Now Airing

(click to view commercial)

The new McDonald’s All-Access Moms commercial, sharing our visit to Cargill in London, ON where we learned how Chicken McNuggets are made, is now airing across Canada.

I can’t tell you how thrilled I am that there’s a shot of me wearing a face mask (after I did the super loud gag…twice) in the commercial (details of that visit are in my McDonald’s All-Access Moms Tour #4 post here).  Gah!!!!

That, my friends, is total hotness.

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  1. You look wonderful. I think it was done really well. I don’t think you look bad at all with the mask on. I would be wearing a mask, too, I am sure.
    How exciting!!

  2. You crack me up, Tenille! I think you’re rocking the mask. I *guess* it’s a good thing I wasn’t on this McPanel, because if you put me in front of a conveyor belt full of McNuggets I probably would have stuffed them all in my mouth ala I Love Lucy. 😉 Oh! And by the way, can you put in a word a McD’s HQ for me to bring back Jalapeno McChickens in the US chains? I am so sad that they are no more! LOL!

  3. Wow, I see REAL chicken! You know the joke about chicken doesn’t have the nugget part, lol.

  4. hehe! I would have been wearing one right with ya lol. Are the plants the same in the US?

  5. You are rockin the mask. I would have tossed my cookies.

  6. OH look at you in that commercial that is awesome and looks like you had a great time. NOW if they can cook burgers right they would taste better .

    I was surprised to see the real chickens that’s why they taste so good

  7. That is an awesome video. I am surprised to learn they use real chicken in the nuggets. I felt quite certain they didn’t!

  8. Oh and you look good btw!!!!! I would of had to wear one too!

  9. I would have probably worn a mask too!

  10. I would have probably had to wear a mask as well. LOL. Not sure i would have been able to handle that. Great videos BTW. You did an awesome job.

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