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Orange Slice Jello Shots

I recently had a get-together with friends and was looking for some fun appetizer recipes online.  I came across the following recipe for Orange Slice Jello Shots and they looked so interesting, I just had to try them.  Now, I realize I’m not 18 nor are any of my mommy friends, but I thought this was something fun to try for a change from the usual!  They are actually really easy to make!

Oranges (we also used limes)
Pkg of Jello Powder

You gotta love recipes with simple ingredients like this!  Simply cut the oranges in half (my husband and I argued over which is the proper way to half it, in the end it doesn’t really matter) and scoop out the insides.

Place halves into muffin tins.

Prepare jello as usual except substitute vodka for the water portion (yum!) then pour liquid into the orange halves.

Refrigerate for 4 hours or until firm.

When ready, slice into halves or thirds and enjoy!

I think it would be fun to experiment with different jello colors – the original recipe I read suggested orange jello but I like the green (you could even use team colors for parties, etc.).



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