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Best Price Per Diaper?

I did some Google searching this morning to try and determine what the best cost per diaper is in Canada lately.  The last time I did this was in 2007 and, well, things change.  Generally prices go up (blah.)

It sounds like the general consensus is anything $0.15  and below as a cost per diaper is considered pretty good (this is before taxes, as they vary province to province).

I learned early on that calculating the cost per diaper is the best way to get the best bang for your buck and avoid the sale pitfalls that can happen when you see a great price but don’t pay attention to how many diapers are in the package.

A great deal I scored recently was Pampers Swaddlers (Size 2) at $9.99 minus a $2 coupon.  So, $7.99/60 = 0.13 cents per diaper.

I have about 8 packs stockpiled (moms know that 60 diapers doesn’t last very long!)

I try to make a point of always using a coupon when buying diapers or formula (or at the very least, in the case of formula, buying it on sale at Shoppers Drug Mart so that I get the Optimum points and/or the gift card special they sometimes have…last week it was 2 free movie passes).

It’s sacrilegious for me to buy diapers without a coupon.  I wish I lived closer to London Drugs so I could coupon-stack and get an even better deal.  If you’re unfamiliar with coupon stacking at London Drugs let me know and I’ll help you out!

So, if you’re a diaper-buying mama like me (for at least the next 3 years or so), what’s your best cost per diaper?  Should I be aiming lower than 15 cents per diaper?

Yes, I know, I know, cloth diapering can save you money (I’m frugal yet use disposible diapers and formula….gasp!) but it’s just not for me.


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  • It’s been a long time since I bought diapers, but we always used the generic brand (President’s Choice or Walmart or Safeway brands). Maybe I’m out to lunch, but I think these ones are always cheaper. It always kinda baffles me when people buy the most expensive diapers. I mean, they do realize their kid is just going to pee & poop in there, right?

    I hate Pamper with a passion, because the smell of them makes me nauseated.

    As for cloth diapers, it seems like a lot of people I know who went that route ended up spending a small fortune on cute little diapers, knitted wool leggings that go over top, etc. Seems to defeat the purpose, although I guess that whole environmental factor is important even if you’re not saving any money!

      • I agree Tenille. I tried the generic brand with my first one and not only did she leak like crazy but she also got a rash which went away after I stopped using them. I also didn’t like huggies because they seemed to bunch up and leak as well.

        After talking to a lot of moms there seems to be the general opinion that pampers works for girls and huggies work better for boys. Maybe just a crazy thought but it seems to work for me.

        As for price, I’ve always lived in small communities and don’t get out to the city often so quite often I’m forced to just shell out whatever the stores want to charge. I try to use coupons when I get my hands on them but even they don’t save me a whole lot.

  • Well I do use cloth, but I really recommend you use coupons to the very best of your advantage. There are ways to get FREE or under $2 a pack on diapers.
    I’m in the US so don’t know of any direct websites to help you and I don’t know what type of stores you have around there… But here at Walgreen’s say, they put out a coupon booklet every month, PLUS they offer Register Rewards. So let’s say their brand of diapers is on sale for $7.99, minus a $2 booklet coupon and you get a $3 RR (good on any future purchase)
    You’re $10 pack of diapers is now $3!!! There are ways to do it. Here you can combine a store and manufacturer coupon… and Target offers gift card deals PLUS the manu and store coupon stack. So find websites for canadians specifically and go from there.

    • Yeah we don’t have *anything* like that here Heather, unfortunately. The best you can do, aside from coupon stacking at London Drugs (though you have to use a different coupon, not 5 of the same one for example), is to combine a coupon with a sale – no store coupons combined with manufacture coupons, etc. We’re extremely limited on what we can do.

  • I have been starting to look into diaper costs as i have a new one on the way. I found sometimes Costco has sales on their pampers or huggies that ends up being cheaper than their generic brands (0.13 – 0.15) per diaper. I don’t live near a Costco but my husband is usually drive near one and make him stop! I’m pretty sure we can’t coupon stack here, and would love for you to fill me in on London Drugs and I do go to Winnipeg or Regina frequently. Plus my husband likes shopping and I know he would stop for me but doesn’t like coupons??!! Obviously I’m the frugal one in the family! I also bought my baby thermometer at Costco at half the price it was at Walmart and I know it’s a good brand because we use them in our hospital. Any really good coupon websites let me know!

  • We exclusively cloth diaper but before we began we used to buy bulk at Costco. Not only are their brand named diapers cheap (Huggies) but the formula is as well.

  • I don’t save as much money as others do I think I should try harder. I usually have a coupon but can never get it down super duper cheap like others do. I tried cloth diapers once and was so grossed out by it never did it again =). Maybe when you head to Detroit you can hit up Walgreens/Rite Aid/CVS and score some cheapo diapers ;-).

    • I brought back Luvs from Los Angeles once, because we don’t have them here in Canada…so it’s entirely possible that my suitcase will have diapers in it. Though, since I don’t have a coupon I don’t know if I could buy them without feeling bad! 😛

  • I think the cost per diaper really depends on the size you are buying as well. Size 6 diapers are going to cost quite a bit more then say size 1.

    I know recently that I’d been able to buy size 4 diapers for $0.11 or $0.12 each at Walmart. Pampers (and Shoppers Voice)have been doing mail outs with $5-7 off coupons and when those giant packs go on sale at Walmart it’s really quite reasonable.

    You really need to keep on top of the deals, and what coupons are out there to get them any cheaper then $0.15/each.