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Better Life – Review & Giveaway (closed)

In my focus to find more green products for my family, I have been checking out some green cleaning supplies for the house. Remember, though, I love pretty smells and I love the smell of ‘clean’ so I wondered if I could really find good cleaning power and a great scent in a natural cleaning product. I’m new to this whole green thing too. I like my name-brand cleaning products. I often joke that I’m so far from crunchy, I’m squishy! Baby steps for me. When I read about the founders of Better Life cleaning products I thought that maybe this was a good match for me. They say that it only takes one person to make a difference. Maybe just a scrubber, or a nursery cleaner product added to your usual routine. I can handle that. No pressure, just a small change here or there and that is ok. So I was willing to give it a shot.

Better Life sent me 4 products to try out, and I was eager to start. I received the what-EVER All Purpose Cleaner (scented and non-scents), I Can See Clearly, Wow! glass cleaner, and Simply Floored floor cleaner.

The first product I tried was the I Can See Clearly, Wow! glass cleaner. I made the unfortunate decision to buy a glass tabletop when I was 21 years old and still have the same table in my kitchen. With 2 kids it is a disaster! It gets full of fingerprints, not to mention that you can see every drop of food that ever touches it. I was constantly using brand-name glass cleaner to clean the table and though I like a fresh clean scent, I was conscious of the chemical I was spraying in the air and always made sure the kids weren’t underfoot while doing it.

I felt ok using this product around my kids and now I even spray-clean the kitchen table when Nevaeh is sitting in the highchair. The best part? It works!! No streaks and no strong chemical scent. Actually this product is non-scents (pun intended) and that is my only critique, I like scents and would have liked that in this product.

The second product I tried was the Simply Floored floor cleaner. I discovered some interesting specimen under the highchair and kitchen table so I thought that it would be an appropriate time to pull out the floor cleaner. The cleaner is ready to use, you don’t need to dilute it in water at all and a little goes a long way. I’m so used to having to dilute my floor cleaner that I actually did the first time I used Simply Floored and the results were still fantastic. Great clean, great shine, and no residue leftover. The scent was the best part too. The Simply Floored cleaner is naturally scented using essential oils of Citrus and Mint. Mint!!! I love mint! The smell is so fresh and clean. I also didn’t have to keep the kids out of the room after the floor was cleaned, because there was no strong chemical scent *and* I knew that if Nevaeh’s cookie dropped on the floor, she wasn’t going to ingest some nasty chemical residue that was left there.

The product I am using the most is the what-EVER all purpose cleaner. I was sent both the scented and non-scents bottles and of course I prefer the scented one. I actually really like the smell of it (naturally scented using essential oils of Clary Sage and Lemon). I have been using this cleaner on my counter tops, stove top, and for dusting.

The real test came this past weekend when I decided it was time to clean the shower. We have horrible hard water where we live and although we use a water softener, the hard water build up in our tub and shower is awful. The shower in one of our bathrooms is a stand-alone corner shower so the surround-part is all clear and it gets so cloudy with hard water stains.

In the past, I have had to use the heavy duty bathroom cleaners in that shower. I’ve sprayed down the shower, turned on the fan, and then closed the door because the overwhelming smell is too strong for my kid’s little noses (or lungs for that matter). I knew that something that worked like that to basically eat the scum, and have a label full of long chemical names that I could barely pronounce, was not good for me to be breathing (the warning label on the bottle told me so too!) But the stuff worked, and I didn’t know if a natural green cleaner (as good as it is to use) would really be able to handle that shower.

So, I did my usual spray down of the shower and noticed right away that as it slid down the walls….it was leaving a clear path behind. I also didn’t need to turn on the fan or close the bathroom door while I waited for it to do it’s job. The label doesn’t say you need to have it sit on the surface for any amount of time but I figured I’d give it a 10 minute head start.

When I wiped down the shower walls I was mighty impressed by the cleaning power behind this natural, organic, and great smelling cleaner! Wow!

That really was the ultimate test for me, and I am now convinced that Better Life cleaning products DO stand up to the name-brand products out there. Better Life just happens to be better for you, and me, and the planet.

Currently, you can purchase Better Life products at 3 online retailers and several stores in the St.Louis area. There are also a few more products on the site that I didn’t test. One that I would have loved to try is the 2am Miracle. It can be used on everything from toys to the change table.

1 Feisty Frugal and Fabulous reader is going to win 4 Better Life cleaning products!!
~ What-EVER all purpose cleaner (clearly sage and citrus)
~ Simply Floored ready to use floor cleaner
~ Even The Kitchen Sink gentle scrubber
~ 2 AM Miracle nursery cleaner

To enter, check out Better Life and comment here telling me which product you’d like to try the most.

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