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Kick Off to Christmas Giveaway 26 – eebee’s adventures

Have you met eebee? eebee is a baby who could very easily become a baby’s best friend, all for reasons us adults couldn’t possibly understand. That is, until we enter eeebee’s world and take part in the adventures. What are these adventures? Well that’s the best part, they are everyday life situations! eebee just helps make everyday life more interesting for both parents and babies.

Aside from the products themselves, I really like the eebee adventures site. It is packed full with information about the products themselves, the creators, and how to make the most of your time with baby, with eebee’s help! I really liked the Parent Info area which details how babies learn from everyday situations. Yes, we all know that when a baby drops her sippy cup from the highchair, she learns that it falls down to the floor and makes a thud. She also learns that it gets a reaction out of mom or dad. We all know this, yet in our busy lives we sometimes forget that everything is so new to baby, something as simple as folding laundry is a great opportunity for baby to learn (and no mama’s, eebee does not teach your little genius HOW to fold that laundry, that part is still sadly left up to us).

We have all heard about the dvds out there that used to promise they could make your babies smarter, and most of us have at least one of them. Did you know that the leading baby-dvd company had to stop making that claim because there was no proof?

eebee’s adventures dvd’s are not intended to teach your baby to be a genius. Actually, from what I can tell, the dvd’s are more for parents and children together. The scenarios shown on the dvd’s take everyday life situations (no jumping dolphins or scenes of nature with Mozart in the background here) and show both parents and baby how to make these situations fun learning activity.

All In A Day’s Play is broken down into 3 adventures – Laundry List (fun with a laundry basket), Just You & Me (playing with baby without any fancy toys), and Little Objects, Big Ideas (how items in the house like bowls or pots can be opportunities for play). Nevaeh was mildly interested in this dvd, I think because it didn’t feature the babies as much as the other ones and she loves watching other children.

Figuring Things Out focuses more on the fun and adventures baby can have once she is mobile. Again, this dvd has 3 adventures – The Light Bulb Goes On (lights on and off, tracking a light, and shadows), Blocks & Tackling Ideas (stacking and crashing cups, you get the idea!), and On the Go (mountain of pillows, up, over, and under). Nevaeh really liked this one and responded most to the other babies she saw on the screen. I especially liked the music on this one. “We’re Going on an Adventure”, like all the other songs, are originals and guess what…no classical music either!

Exploring Real Stuff will take you into baby’s world and I’m sure you’ll see many situations among the adventures that your baby has been in before. Cardboard or tissue boxes, grains of cereal, and tubes are all areas of adventure for eebee and the babies. Divided into 3 adventures like the others, Brimming With Ideas (fun within the kitchen), Out of the Box (cardboard boxes, etc.) and On a Roll (balls, blocks, ramps) all feature ways babies can explore, play, and learn with every day items.

In general, I thought the dvd’s were all definitely cute and definitely appealing to babies. They do make you take a moment and realize that there are everyday opportunities for your baby to play and learn ‘how things work’ within your own house. For myself, though, I don’t think I would call it a learning tool because it all had content I already knew as a mom.

For use in fostering parenting skills and teaching parents how to play with baby and why it’s interesting for a baby to experiment with a sippy cup falling from a highchair, these dvd’s would be excellent for teen-parenting programs. I actually noted on the site that others have said the same, so unfortunately I won’t receive any royalties for my idea.

If you would like to introduce eebbee to someone special, here is your chance to! I have 3 eebee’s adventures videos to give away to 3 lucky people! (1 dvd per person)

To enter, please go to eebee’s adventures and tell me what your favorite item is in the Shop area and WHY (make sure you do both or the comment will be disqualified).

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